Kidathlon Set in Oklahoma for Summertime Fun

Kidathlon Set in Oklahoma for Summertime Fun

Sports provide many enjoyable activities for kids. They can swim, run around, play basketball and baseball, and even go biking.  Most children develop an interest in more than one sport because they each provide excitement in different ways.

That is why the Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department will once again be hosting its annual triathlon specifically made for kids. The Kidathalon is a sports triathlon competition, where children ages 5-14 compete in three sports: swimming, biking, and running.  It is designed to introduce children to sports and enhance their skills, while also providing a great way to have fun this summer.

The event will be held on Saturday, August 10, at Earlywine Park, located at 3101 SW 119. The Kidathalon will begin at 8:00 in the morning.  Children ages 5-6 will compete in a 25 yard swim, a 0.5 mile bike ride, and 0.5 mile run. Ages 7-8 will start with a 75 yard swim, a 0.5 mile bike ride, and a 0.5 mile run. Those in the 9-12 age group will have a 75 yards swim, a 1.0 mile bike ride, and a 1.1 mile run. Lastly, children ages 13-14 will compete in a 125 yard swim, a 2.0 mile bike ride, and 1.5 mile run.

Those who want to join the Kidathalon will need to register ahead at Earlywine or Will Rogers Family Aquatic Centers. The registration fee is $30 and includes a free t-shirt. Registered kids will need to bring their own gear for swimming, bicycling, and running.

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Seven Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Larger

Seven Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look LargerDo you have a small bedroom?  Does it feel so cramped inside that you feel like you are suffocating each time you go inside your room?

Small bedrooms are common, especially in apartments or condominiums. The limited space is a result of the overall smaller scale of the entire house. But, having a small bedroom doesn’t mean you have to feel claustrophobic.

There are tricks for making your bedroom appear larger. Here are a few:

  • Open your windows to let the light in.  If you have blinds or curtains on your windows, open them during the day, so your room will feel brighter and, therefore, bigger. If the weather is nice, open the windows as well to freshen the air quality in your bedroom, which will make it feel even more pleasant.
  • Go for minimalistic designs. A small bedroom will look wider if there is more visible wall and floor space.  Eliminate complex designs and lots of furniture and keep it simple. It also helps to paint your walls a lighter color and hang just one piece of art as a focal point versus having lots of things hanging on your walls.
  • Add a mirror. Instead of a painting, why not hang a mirror?  Because they reflect light and imagery, mirrors give the illusion that your room is more expansive than it is.  A large mirror hanging over your headboard or propped against a wall will work wonders.
  • Reduce the clutter. If you have a lot of miscellaneous things in your bedroom, reduce them by half and see the difference in space and ambiance that will result.  Even if you don’t have unnecessary clutter in your bedroom, there are still times when even the things you need aren’t always going to fit inside your bedroom. Find other places in your house to store excess things.
  • Use furniture with dual-functionality. This means that you can utilize the extra space under your bed for added storage versus adding another cabinet or dresser to the room.  Multi-functional furniture helps provide needed storage in your room without the added bulk.
  • Save the television for the living room. Keep your bedroom for what it is intended and don’t fill it with a distracting, space-taking TV.  This will also help from a feng shui perspective by keeping the environment calmer for sleeping.
  • Add something small. A piece of small décor like a small potted plant or a little statuette will help make the room large because of its petite size. In contrast, bigger décor will make your room feel cluttered and smaller.


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Oklahoma City Receives Grant for Comprehensive Public Art Master Plan

Oklahoma City Receives Grant for Comprehensive Public Art Master Plan

Oklahoma City continually makes efforts in planning and implementing ways to develop the city and enhance the life of its citizens. Through major projects, different parts of the city have been enhanced not just physically, but also economically. Economic projects improve the livelihood of the city, while aesthetic beautification creates an attraction for tourists.

To incorporate and introduce art and culture to the community, a Cultural Plan was recently established, which includes a comprehensive public art master plan. The Cultural Development Corporation of Central Oklahoma (CDCCOK), consisting of local corporate, non-profit, and government leaders, has developed a master plan that would integrate art into public places to add beauty throughout the area and create an awareness of the beautiful culture of the city.

Because of its comprehensive public art master plan, CDCCOK will receive a $50,000 Our Town grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). The Our Town Grant is one way for NEA to show their support to art projects in cities throughout the country that make a difference.

CDCCOK plans to use part of the money to hire a consultant for developing an Art Ordinance for the city.

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Maximizing Storage Space Inside the Bathroom

Maximizing Storage Space Inside the Bathroom

One of the smallest rooms inside the house is the bathroom. Unfortunately, it is also the place where we store a lot of things, ranging from towels and soaps and shampoos to toiletries and medicine.  It is also a place where we keep our hairbrushes, hair dryers and other styling tools.

With all of the things we put inside our bathroom, a small space can look too cluttered and crowded, even if all of the things inside are essentials. Therefore, despite the limited space inside the bathroom, what we need to do is to make sure that maximize our storage space to keep things more organized and clean.

Limited space is no reason for your bathroom to look unpleasant. As long as you know how to maximize storage space, your bathroom can always look neat and clean. Here are a few tips:

  • Install wall cabinets. We often neglect the empty space on the wall and see it only as a potential art space. However, that empty space may be great for hanging another wall cabinet to add more storage to the bathroom.
  • Add hooks. You can never go wrong with hooks. Install hooks inside the bathroom so you can hang used towels, caddies, or your bathrobe. Hooks make use of free wall space without having to add bulky cabinets.
  • Put a functional table in one corner.  If you have room, add a table so you can have a larger surface to place your items and get dressed. If you do this, be sure your table has storage below for fresh towels or other linens, so you fully maximize the table’s functionality.
  • Utilize baskets and bins. Not only will this add more storage for your small bathroom essentials, but baskets are also very useful when it comes to organizing things inside the bathroom. You can designate a basket for each person, so everyone knows where to find their things.  Plus, because they come in so many styles, baskets can add visual appeal to the room.
  • Hang door racks. Make use of the free space behind the door. You can add a rack to put some of your things like extra shampoo, hair styling tools, etc. A door rack is ideal if you want some of your storage to be hidden from view.
  • Added compartments under your sink. Don’t neglect the empty space below the sink. because it is a great place to store your bathroom essentials. When choosing a sink and vanity, choose something that has cabinets or compartments below.

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Tips on How to Properly Secure Your Garage

Tips on How to Properly Secure Your Garage

Because of the number of things stored in your garage, it can be the perfect target for thieves. Many burglars opt for breaking into garages because it is a faster way to steal more things since no one is in there at night. This is especially true for detached garages.

Fortunately, there are certain ways you can secure your garage at night, so even if thieves do come, they cannot break in.  Here are a few tips:

  • Secure your garage door. There are electronic garage door openers that enable you to open and close your garage using only a remote control. This makes it more difficult for thieves to forcefully open your garage.
  • Always keep your garage door closed. Do not let unwanted eyes wander around your garage and see all the valuable things you are storing. If nobody knows what you have inside your garage, then nobody will have the urge to try to break in and steal something.
  • Cover your garage windows. The same logic applies as with closing your garage door.  If people can’t see inside, they won’t know if you have anything valuable inside.  If your garage has windows, you can frost them or cover them with heavy curtains.
  • Lock the door. Always lock the doors and windows or other entries or exits to your garage. Do not make it easy for thieves to come inside your garage.
  • Install a wireless burglar alarm. Make sure that you are alerted if anyone tries to break in. A burglar alarm is one way of knowing that someone is trying to get inside your garage, and it is worth the investment.
  • Add motion sensor lights. Nobody wants to commit a crime if they’re in the spotlight. Arrange lights so they will turn on automatically if someone comes near your garage.
  • Lock the door that connects your garage to your main house. There is no point in allowing burglars to go beyond the garage if they break in.

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Oklahoma Department of Human Services Helps Low-Income Citizens Pay Cooling Bills

Oklahoma Department of Human Services Helps Low-Income Citizens Pay Cooling Bills

Summer days in Oklahoma are hot! That is why many people are fleeing on vacations or going to the beach just to cool off. But, for those who stay in their homes, turning up their air conditioning units and fans is the best way to stay cool this summer.

With the increase in the usage of air conditioning and fans, electricity bills will start to soar to yearly highs. This increase in utilities makes it especially difficult for low-income citizens to stay cool during the hot days. They either cool their homes and pay for a higher bill or compromise themselves during these hot days and risk doing damage to their health.

To help low-income citizens pay their increasing cooling bills, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services will be offering an assistance program to qualified low-income families. Approximately $16 million will be provided by the federal government for its Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Households that qualify for the program must have a maximum of $1,024 net monthly income for a one-person household and up to $3,565 net monthly income for an eight-person household. Those who are qualified can apply at the department starting this week.

Qualified households will receive this one-time benefit of between $120 for one-person household and up to $180 for a household of two or more.

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Summer Family Fun Offered at Myriad Botanical Gardens

Summer Family Fun Offered at Myriad Botanical Gardens

Summer is a great time to bond with family and friends and to enjoy a wonderful time playing or taking a vacation. During the summer season, families prepare for much awaited family time either going on vacation somewhere or exploring activities that everyone will enjoy.

In Oklahoma City, family time will now be more fun with summer activities offered at the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Now, everyone in the family will enjoy going to the gardens with something to look forward to.

Every Wednesday of the month during the summer, there are activities prepared for kids as well as for the adults. Kids will love to listen to stories while their parents shop around the farmer’s market. Then, there are movie nights where everyone in the family can gather together and watch a family-friendly film together.

The summer family fun activities at Myriad Botanical Gardens begin Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at 4 pm. The event will start with the Mid Week Farmers market from 4pm to 8pm. Then, there is the night time story from 8:30pm to 9pm. Everyone will then gather around the Great Lawn for the summer movie night featuring Willie Wonka. During the movie night, everyone can bring their own chairs and picnic baskets or simply buy food from different local food trucks.

There are ample activities lined up all month long in July – including dog obedience courses, astronomy night, painting activities, yoga and bicycle rides! Those who want to participate can come to the Myriad Botanical Gardens every Wednesday.

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