Maximizing Storage Space Inside the Bathroom

Maximizing Storage Space Inside the Bathroom

One of the smallest rooms inside the house is the bathroom. Unfortunately, it is also the place where we store a lot of things, ranging from towels and soaps and shampoos to toiletries and medicine.  It is also a place where we keep our hairbrushes, hair dryers and other styling tools.

With all of the things we put inside our bathroom, a small space can look too cluttered and crowded, even if all of the things inside are essentials. Therefore, despite the limited space inside the bathroom, what we need to do is to make sure that maximize our storage space to keep things more organized and clean.

Limited space is no reason for your bathroom to look unpleasant. As long as you know how to maximize storage space, your bathroom can always look neat and clean. Here are a few tips:

  • Install wall cabinets. We often neglect the empty space on the wall and see it only as a potential art space. However, that empty space may be great for hanging another wall cabinet to add more storage to the bathroom.
  • Add hooks. You can never go wrong with hooks. Install hooks inside the bathroom so you can hang used towels, caddies, or your bathrobe. Hooks make use of free wall space without having to add bulky cabinets.
  • Put a functional table in one corner.  If you have room, add a table so you can have a larger surface to place your items and get dressed. If you do this, be sure your table has storage below for fresh towels or other linens, so you fully maximize the table’s functionality.
  • Utilize baskets and bins. Not only will this add more storage for your small bathroom essentials, but baskets are also very useful when it comes to organizing things inside the bathroom. You can designate a basket for each person, so everyone knows where to find their things.  Plus, because they come in so many styles, baskets can add visual appeal to the room.
  • Hang door racks. Make use of the free space behind the door. You can add a rack to put some of your things like extra shampoo, hair styling tools, etc. A door rack is ideal if you want some of your storage to be hidden from view.
  • Added compartments under your sink. Don’t neglect the empty space below the sink. because it is a great place to store your bathroom essentials. When choosing a sink and vanity, choose something that has cabinets or compartments below.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate Agent


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