Preparing Your Home for Safety While You Travel


While school is out, you and your family may want to make the most of the free time and take a vacation for a week or a few days. You may decide to go to the beach, travel abroad, or visit a relative in another state.

But, while you enjoy our vacation, is your home staying safe from possible threats like house fires or burglars?

Prepare your home prior to vacation, so you can have safety measures in place to protect your home while you are gone. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid spreading the news that your home is empty. Before you go on a vacation, do not spread the word that you will be gone for several days because a burglar may catch wind of the information and target your house as a result.   If you want to tell someone, make sure they are trustworthy and wouldn’t share your information with others.
  • Close everything. Keep doors and windows locked, so there will be no easy way for anyone to enter.  Lower blinds and close your curtains if you have them, so no one has the ability to look inside your home and see your valuables.
  • Redirect your mail to a friend or ask a neighbor to pick up your mail for you while you’re done.  A sure sign that no one is home is when mail and packages stack up on the doorstep for several days.
  • Unplug electrical cords from outlets. Keep your electrical wiring safe by disconnecting everything that you normally keep plugged in.  This will prevent electric shortages or fires while you are away.
  • Have someone trusted watch over your home. You can ask a good neighbor or a friend to keep an eye on your property while you are away. They don’t need to come inside. They can simply check every day to be sure there are no signs of break ins.
  • Time your outdoor lights. Keep the exterior of your home well lit during the night. You can program your outdoor lights to turn on and off at certain times during the day.  Burglars will be less likely to try to enter a house where they are easily exposed to witnesses.
  • Maintain your landscaping. Burglars often use heavy bushes as hiding places and see overgrown grass as a sign that a home is vacant.  Keep everything on your lawn well-trimmed, so it does not raise any red flags.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate Agent


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