Keeping Your Kitchen Clean and Safe at All Times

Keeping Your Kitchen Clean and Safe at All Times

The kitchen is the busiest room inside a house.  It’s where we prepare all of our meals, where kids tend to hang out after school, where families gather for quality time, and where guests always seem to collect during entertaining.

With all of these busy activities inside the kitchen, it is truly a challenge to keep the room clean and tidy at all times.  Not doing so creates an unsafe, dirty, and unorganized kitchen that can lead to bacteria build up.  It can also develop an unpleasant smell and appearance, which then makes it very uninviting.

Here are a few tricks for how you can maintain cleanliness in your kitchen at all times:

  • Practice the rule of “clean as you go.”  After using your kitchen tools, clean them and put them back in their proper places. Do not let them pile up in the sink or on the counter, as it can quickly turn into a mess. If you practice this rule, you will be happy to see how you can maintain a clean kitchen without taking much time.
  • Designate stations in your kitchen. Keep one side of the counter for chopping food items and the other side as an eating area. Always put dirty dishes on one side of the sink, so they don’t overrun the entire kitchen.  If you designate specific places for certain things, it is easier to clean up because everything has a place.
  • Find the right time to clean. There is always some point in the day when you can allocate a few minutes to clean the kitchen. If you have 15-30 minutes to spare, use it to clean everything, so the dirtiness doesn’t drag out.
  • Clean your counters. Yes the kitchen serves many purposes, but your countertop is not a display shelf. Keep kitchen utensils in their proper places, as well as small appliances.  Clear your counter as much as possible because it will significantly affect the impression of a clean kitchen.
  • Don’t pile everything in the kitchen. We love to multi-task in the kitchen, like helping the kids do their homework while we cook. While this can enhance family bonding, it is important to set limitations in the room. Do not let everything pile into the kitchen as though it were a permanent storage place.  Once homework is done, put books and papers away.  Hang coats and bags where they belong, not left slung over chairs.
  • Clean spills immediately.  Small spills can make a big impact, especially if they leave a mark when they dry. If you spill anything, clean it up right then.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate Agent


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