Citizens Caring for Children Receives Grants to Help Foster Kids

Citizens Caring for Children Receives Grants to Help Foster Kids

Every day, there are children who become orphans or are abandoned by their families. These children are then placed into foster care, which supplies them with their basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, and education. The foster care system is designed to continually support these children and see to it that they have a good future ahead of them, despite their unfortunate situations.

Citizens Caring for Children (CCC) is a non-profit organization that aims to provide children in foster care with the basic things they need, such as clothing, bags, school supplies, and shoes. The organization offers several programs and services, including their Resource Center, Joy 4 Kids, Back-to-School, and Mentoring to help kids prepare for their future.

To further support the advocacy of providing attention and care to foster kids, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation has granted a $15,000 support fund to CCC, which will be used to fund their Resource Center.  Children and young adults in foster care can come to the Resource Center four times each year to receive two new outfits, toiletry items, two books, socks, underwear, and a pair of shoes.

Cindy Daniel
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