Oklahoma City Relishes in $8 Million Budget Surplus, Plans Road Enhancements

Oklahoma City Relishes in $8 Million Budget Surplus, Plans Road Enhancements

Every city and state needs tax revenue to improve the community. Taxes are used by local government to address various projects such as beautification, health, education, safety, and public utilities. If there are enough taxes to support additional programs, the city or state can then begin to advance in terms of business, tourism, and education.

Oklahoma City will soon be enjoying the benefits of more of those types of projects because it currently has a large budget surplus of $8 million. City council is actively planning how to use it for additional important programs within the city.  According to the city council, each member will submit their own project proposals for the budget. One million dollars will be allocated to each city council member to determine where it should be used.

City council members will be using the allocated budget to build more roads or enhance existing roads within the city.  There are existing roads in the city that need to be repaved in order to maintain better traffic flow and safety among vehicles. There are also council members who have expressed their desire to put money toward other plans apart from road enhancements, including the construction of bus stop covers and the building of a quiet zone in the downtown area.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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