Bricktown Landing to Open in October

Bricktown Landing to Open in October

A new attraction is getting ready to open in Downtown Oklahoma City that will further emphasize the beauty of the Oklahoma River and the Bricktown Canal. The new Bricktown Landing is set to open its pathways to locals and tourists next week.  It is a land connection that channels the Oklahoma River and the Bricktown Canal and is designed to give people more opportunities to partake in recreational activities, such as walking and cycling, along the river and canal.   It will also serve as a boating link between the two bodies of water.

The new development is going to be ideal for tourists who are staying in nearby hotels and athletes who joining water competitions in the city. Since it connects the canal and the river, they can simply walk wherever they need to go.

Aside from its tourist appeal, the Bricktown Landing is also great for local commuters to Bricktown. Instead of driving temselves and dealing with traffic and parking, people can simply walk under Interstate 44 to the landing and board a water taxi to Bricktown.

The launch of the Bricktown Landing will be held on October 1 at 3:30 in the afternoon. Speakers at the ceremony will include Mayor Mick Cornett, Councilman John Pettis, Ron Norick, Mike Knopp, and Avis Scaramucci. The event will be held at the south end of the Bricktown Canal.

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Tips for Keeping Your Windows Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Windows Clean

No one particularly enjoys cleaning windows, especially when you live in a house with a lot of them. It is tedious and difficult to try to balance on ladders to clean those hard-to-reach windows. But, like it or not, windows are part of your house, and they need cleaning from time to time because they develop dirty build up due to rain, dust, and outside pollution.

Follow the tips below to help make cleaning windows a less painful task:

  1. Wipe off all the dirt with a dry cloth. This should be done before you start cleaning the window with liquid because, otherwise, all the dust will turn into mud and create an even bigger mess.
  2. Spray the windows with water and your choice of window cleaning solution. Use glass cleaner that is intended for cleaning windows and not just other types of glass. Cream cleaner is also good tool that will make your glass nice and shiny.
  3. Use a rubber squeegee. Smaller, hand-held squeegees are available at any home improvement store and not only clean glass, but also keep it free from any streaks. Squeegees can also significantly decrease the amount of time you have to spend on cleaning windows.
  4. Dry the glass with newspaper. This is a cheap and effective method for preventing streaks.  Just be careful to swap out sheets before they become too wet; otherwise, they can leave residue behind.  You can also use a blackboard eraser when you are finished if you want to achieve an extra shine once the glass is dry.
  5. Clean your blinds. Do your best to clean them before you clean the glass because the dirt from them will settle on the windows when they are opened and closed.

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Take Shelter Oklahoma Launches Public School Storm Shelters Petition Drive

Powerful Tornado Rips Through Moore, Oklahoma

Natural disasters are an inevitable part of life, and although we can’t stop them, we can prepare ourselves for them to minimize the impact they have on us. One way to ensure the protection of school children during storms is to have reliable storm shelters within their schools. Storm shelters serve as a safe haven for students and teachers who may be trapped in school and have nowhere safe to go.

That is one reason why many parents, teachers, and leaders have agreed to petition for the installation of storm shelters in public schools. Because of the dangers and loss brought by the 20 different tornadoes in May, as well as those that have happened in the past, it has become clear that it is important for each school to have a safe place to hide during storms.

Take Shelter Oklahoma is officially launching a petition drive with the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s office to have a statewide vote regarding the installation of storm shelters in Oklahoma’s public schools. The petition drive will require 160,000 signatures in 90 days.  If passed, the motion would allow a $500 million bond issue for school districts to install storm shelters. The debt would be funded by the annual franchise tax from businesses.

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Storage Ideas for your Home

Storage Ideas for your Home

Home storage can be a hard job to tackle when everyone has their own hobbies, toys, and momentos that they consider special.  It is easy to become over whelmed by “stuff”, and as a result, finding additional storage space becomes a pressing issue in order to prevent your house from looking cluttered and cramped.

Below are some ideas that will help you identify usable storage areas and  use them more efficiently. But, before you following these guides, make sure that you really need to keep the things you are planning on storing.  Determine what items are essential to keep and what items you don’t need anymore.

  1. Don’t store items such as shoes, coats, bags, and umbrellas in high traffic areas, particularly near your entrances and in hallways.  It will impede easy movement.  Instead, install a wall unit to free up floor space. You can put up coat hooks, a shoe rack , and an umbrella stand to keep items organized and contained in one place, which also adding a great decorative touch.
  2. In order for the kitchen to not be cluttered, utilize all wasted space. You can create storage over the refrigerator, under the sink, and within corner cabinets. You can also change the doors on cabinets to make spaces more accessible.
  3. In your kitchen cabinets, install multi-level racks to maximize vertical storage space for cans and spices.  That way, you can double the usable space in that area.
  4. Invest in practical storage containers that are designed to go underneath your bed. It is a great way to store off-season clothes and shoes.
  5. Install a four-drawer unit in your bathroom to store your products while concealing ugly bathroom essentials, spare toilet tools, and cleaning fluids. Fold clean towels in half and roll them up to stack them in spirals for a neat visual display. Keep spare towels in a separate area, so they don’t get mixed up with towels that are in current use.

There are plenty of home storage ideas for every room in the house, and the things mentioned above are just few of them. Applying even a few home storage ideas can be of great assistant when cleaning clutter and presenting a utilizable, pleasurable space to enjoy.

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New OKC Police Headquarters Set for Construction in December

New OKC Police Headquarters Set for Construction in December

Plans are underway for the construction of new police headquarters in Oklahoma City.  The plan is proposed to have a budget of $22 million, and the building will be located in an empty lot near the old headquarters within the block of W Main Street and Colcord Drive. It will be built in the western part of the Civic Center complex, and architects are planning to create a structure inspired by the historic buildings there.

According to the plans, the new headquarters will be 89,000 square feet distributed over three floors. The old police building, located in the south part of the new site, will be demolished and used as parking space. A set back of 30 feet will be provided, along with a landscaped retaining wall, to help ensure security around the facility.  The exterior will include tan and red bricks, vertical windows, and a metal canopy over the central glass atrium that will provide shade over the new entrance.

The new OKC Police headquarters is planned to start construction in December and be occupied by 2015. Funding will come from the MAPS 3 tax.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a time-consuming and emotionally challenging endeavor, especially if you have never done it before. Strangers come into your home, poke around your closets and cabinets, and then try to offer you less than what you think the home that means so much to you is worth.

It is a challenging market for sellers these days because buyers have plenty of options and they don’t need to buy what you are selling if it doesn’t fully meet their desires.  Fortunately, there are ways to make your house more appealing to potential buyers, and you can start by avoiding these common mistakes:

  1. 1.       Lacking of plan, strategy, and research. Know exactly why you want to sell your home before selling it. Once you know your reason, decide on an overall plan with a strategy of varying tactics to achieve that plan. Choose what method you will use to sell your home, whether it be through a real estate agent or private sale.  If you feel you have the expertise needed to find a buyer yourself, a For Sale by Owner option may be a cost-effective strategy for you.  If you are pressed for time and want to sell it as soon as possible, a real estate agent is probably a better option.
  2. 2.       Setting your sale price too high. Pricing your home too high will deter interested buyers from making an offer. The value of your house depends on what the market is willing to pay, which is not always necessarily what you think it’s worth.  Let Realtors assess your property and give you a realistic price range based on current market conditions, so you will be more informed on how to price your home competitively.
  3. 3.       Neglecting to fix things that are broken. Spend the weekends working on all of those minor projects that are necessary to get your home into show-worthy shape. Clear the gutters, patch the holes in your walls and deal with dripping faucets. If sellers spots one or two items that need an immediate repair, they will be wondering how well you have maintained the things they can’t see.
  4. 4.       Not accommodating possible buyers. Even if it is inconvenient for you, you need to accommodate every person who wants to view your house. Clean and de-clutter the house before every single visit.

The mistakes mentioned above can be very costly if you fall victim to them. Do not let these mistakes impede your dream of being able to sell your house quickly so you can pursue your next endeavor.

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OKC Total Care Program Open for New Membership & Renewal in September

OKC Total Care Program Open for New Membership & Renewal in September

Taking measures to prepare yourself in case of a health emergency is a cost-effective way to protect your life and those of your loved ones.  If you put money aside to be allocated toward unexpected health issues, you will be more financially secure in the event that something arises, which will allow you to handle the costs associated with medical procedures and medication.

Another factor that ties into medical emergencies is ambulance service. If an emergency occurs at home and it requires an ambulance to transport you to the emergency room, the cost for the ride alone can be overwhelming. Typically, ambulance rides cost around $1,300.

That is one reason why the TotalCare Program is offered in Oklahoma City. The program aims to provide an efficient way to request ambulance service in times of emergencies. Those who are members of the program can easily call an ambulance and acquire their services without spending much, and the monthly cost for the service is only $3.65 per month.

TotalCare Program is a great way to save money on instant emergency expenses while still obtaining efficient health service. The monthly cost of the program is simply added to the city water and trash utility bill, so there is no hassle or extra effort involved.

September is the month when members and non-members have the chance to opt-in or opt-out of the program. All you have to do is call the city to change your membership status.

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