Bathroom Design Transformation Ideas

Bathroom Design Transformation Ideas

Your bathroom is an excellent place to let loose with your interior design ideas and experiment with different themes.  Since it is a relatively small space, it is easy to redesign if you don’t like the outcome of simply change your mind later. Below are a few guides you can follow to transform your bathroom over the weekend:

  1. Add an attractive piece of furniture.

Bring a touch of style to a boring bathroom by adding furniture, such as a sink vanity or wall cabinet. Furniture can help give your bathroom a fresh image without the hassle of replacing all your fixtures and fittings. It is also less expensive because you can find great items at yard sales and second-hand stores.

  1. Replace old and dated wall mirrors.

Use a smaller, framed mirror over your sink instead for a more updated look.  Cute frames are very trendy right now, so find the perfect one for your interior design and have a mirror custom cut at a glass store to fit it.

  1. Add new accessories to the bathroom.

New towel holders, cabinet knobs, and faucets in stylish designs can surprisingly change a bathroom’s appearance without the need to set up a whole new bathroom suite. This is the easiest upgrade that can be done in a few hours and is also very affordable.

  1. Install new flooring.

Wood flooring or vinyl flooring in your bathroom creates a big impact for a small investment.

Your bathroom design is a reflection of you, so take the time to design it appropriately and plan it wisely.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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