OKC Total Care Program Open for New Membership & Renewal in September

OKC Total Care Program Open for New Membership & Renewal in September

Taking measures to prepare yourself in case of a health emergency is a cost-effective way to protect your life and those of your loved ones.  If you put money aside to be allocated toward unexpected health issues, you will be more financially secure in the event that something arises, which will allow you to handle the costs associated with medical procedures and medication.

Another factor that ties into medical emergencies is ambulance service. If an emergency occurs at home and it requires an ambulance to transport you to the emergency room, the cost for the ride alone can be overwhelming. Typically, ambulance rides cost around $1,300.

That is one reason why the TotalCare Program is offered in Oklahoma City. The program aims to provide an efficient way to request ambulance service in times of emergencies. Those who are members of the program can easily call an ambulance and acquire their services without spending much, and the monthly cost for the service is only $3.65 per month.

TotalCare Program is a great way to save money on instant emergency expenses while still obtaining efficient health service. The monthly cost of the program is simply added to the city water and trash utility bill, so there is no hassle or extra effort involved.

September is the month when members and non-members have the chance to opt-in or opt-out of the program. All you have to do is call the city to change your membership status.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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