New OKC Police Headquarters Set for Construction in December

New OKC Police Headquarters Set for Construction in December

Plans are underway for the construction of new police headquarters in Oklahoma City.  The plan is proposed to have a budget of $22 million, and the building will be located in an empty lot near the old headquarters within the block of W Main Street and Colcord Drive. It will be built in the western part of the Civic Center complex, and architects are planning to create a structure inspired by the historic buildings there.

According to the plans, the new headquarters will be 89,000 square feet distributed over three floors. The old police building, located in the south part of the new site, will be demolished and used as parking space. A set back of 30 feet will be provided, along with a landscaped retaining wall, to help ensure security around the facility.  The exterior will include tan and red bricks, vertical windows, and a metal canopy over the central glass atrium that will provide shade over the new entrance.

The new OKC Police headquarters is planned to start construction in December and be occupied by 2015. Funding will come from the MAPS 3 tax.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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