Storage Ideas for your Home

Storage Ideas for your Home

Home storage can be a hard job to tackle when everyone has their own hobbies, toys, and momentos that they consider special.  It is easy to become over whelmed by “stuff”, and as a result, finding additional storage space becomes a pressing issue in order to prevent your house from looking cluttered and cramped.

Below are some ideas that will help you identify usable storage areas and  use them more efficiently. But, before you following these guides, make sure that you really need to keep the things you are planning on storing.  Determine what items are essential to keep and what items you don’t need anymore.

  1. Don’t store items such as shoes, coats, bags, and umbrellas in high traffic areas, particularly near your entrances and in hallways.  It will impede easy movement.  Instead, install a wall unit to free up floor space. You can put up coat hooks, a shoe rack , and an umbrella stand to keep items organized and contained in one place, which also adding a great decorative touch.
  2. In order for the kitchen to not be cluttered, utilize all wasted space. You can create storage over the refrigerator, under the sink, and within corner cabinets. You can also change the doors on cabinets to make spaces more accessible.
  3. In your kitchen cabinets, install multi-level racks to maximize vertical storage space for cans and spices.  That way, you can double the usable space in that area.
  4. Invest in practical storage containers that are designed to go underneath your bed. It is a great way to store off-season clothes and shoes.
  5. Install a four-drawer unit in your bathroom to store your products while concealing ugly bathroom essentials, spare toilet tools, and cleaning fluids. Fold clean towels in half and roll them up to stack them in spirals for a neat visual display. Keep spare towels in a separate area, so they don’t get mixed up with towels that are in current use.

There are plenty of home storage ideas for every room in the house, and the things mentioned above are just few of them. Applying even a few home storage ideas can be of great assistant when cleaning clutter and presenting a utilizable, pleasurable space to enjoy.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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