Take Shelter Oklahoma Launches Public School Storm Shelters Petition Drive

Powerful Tornado Rips Through Moore, Oklahoma

Natural disasters are an inevitable part of life, and although we can’t stop them, we can prepare ourselves for them to minimize the impact they have on us. One way to ensure the protection of school children during storms is to have reliable storm shelters within their schools. Storm shelters serve as a safe haven for students and teachers who may be trapped in school and have nowhere safe to go.

That is one reason why many parents, teachers, and leaders have agreed to petition for the installation of storm shelters in public schools. Because of the dangers and loss brought by the 20 different tornadoes in May, as well as those that have happened in the past, it has become clear that it is important for each school to have a safe place to hide during storms.

Take Shelter Oklahoma is officially launching a petition drive with the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s office to have a statewide vote regarding the installation of storm shelters in Oklahoma’s public schools. The petition drive will require 160,000 signatures in 90 days.  If passed, the motion would allow a $500 million bond issue for school districts to install storm shelters. The debt would be funded by the annual franchise tax from businesses.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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