Tips for Keeping Your Windows Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Windows Clean

No one particularly enjoys cleaning windows, especially when you live in a house with a lot of them. It is tedious and difficult to try to balance on ladders to clean those hard-to-reach windows. But, like it or not, windows are part of your house, and they need cleaning from time to time because they develop dirty build up due to rain, dust, and outside pollution.

Follow the tips below to help make cleaning windows a less painful task:

  1. Wipe off all the dirt with a dry cloth. This should be done before you start cleaning the window with liquid because, otherwise, all the dust will turn into mud and create an even bigger mess.
  2. Spray the windows with water and your choice of window cleaning solution. Use glass cleaner that is intended for cleaning windows and not just other types of glass. Cream cleaner is also good tool that will make your glass nice and shiny.
  3. Use a rubber squeegee. Smaller, hand-held squeegees are available at any home improvement store and not only clean glass, but also keep it free from any streaks. Squeegees can also significantly decrease the amount of time you have to spend on cleaning windows.
  4. Dry the glass with newspaper. This is a cheap and effective method for preventing streaks.  Just be careful to swap out sheets before they become too wet; otherwise, they can leave residue behind.  You can also use a blackboard eraser when you are finished if you want to achieve an extra shine once the glass is dry.
  5. Clean your blinds. Do your best to clean them before you clean the glass because the dirt from them will settle on the windows when they are opened and closed.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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