More Trees Offered by Oklahoma Forestry Services

Forest ThreatsOklahoma experiences many natural disasters, and as a result, a lot of tress are lost along the way. Having fewer trees has a lot of trickle down consequences and leaves many forests and properties barren.

To replenish some of the forests and wildlife in the state that have been decimated due to wildfires, drought, and tornadoes, Oklahoma Forestry Services is encouraging landowners to plant more trees by providing free trees to anyone who is interested. There will also be a larger selection of tree species available for purchase at the OKS online store if landowners are looking for a particular type of tree.

Landowners who want to bring back the abundance of their forests can seek assistance from OFS foresters on planning, creating designs for their properties, and planting and caring for the trees. OFS foresters can assist anyone who wants to plant trees, regardless of the size of their acreage.

There will be a number of tree species available for free as well as for purchase. Hardwood “super cells” are available in blocks of 25 per species and require a minimum order of 25 trees. Other trees include black hickory and chittamwood.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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