Ways to Cut Energy Costs

Ways to Cut Energy Costs

With the rising price of oil and other monthly utility bills that dig into our pocketbooks, the hunt is on for money-saving home energy solutions. Homeowners all over the world are trying to find ways to reduce their energy consumption with the hope of lowering their energy bills each month.

There are plenty of ways to reduce your energy bill that will cost you nothing. Other approaches may need an initial investment. Below are seven cost-cutting energy tips:

  1. 1. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs. These types of light bulbs are commonly brighter and use less energy than ordinary light bulbs. Replacing all the light bulbs in your home with this type of light bulb can reduce your energy cost by 7%.
  2. 2. Change your light bulbs simultaneously on a schedule. Change your fluorescent bulbs once they have used 80% of their rated life because, at that point, they can actually begin to waste energy. Use T8 tubes and upgrade to electric ballasts to reduce the electric load by 42%.
  3. 3. Use solar panels. Many people use them in order to cut down on energy consumption because they operate off of the continually renewable energy of the sun. They are also cheap and easy to assemble.
  4. 4. Allow your dishes to air dry. Turning off your dishwasher’s drying cycle can reduce your electricity use up to 20%.
  5. 5. Turn down the thermostat. You can reduce your energy consumption by over 5% by turning your thermostat down just one degree. You won’t even notice the difference in room temperature, and you will save money.
  6. 6. Turn off your computers at night. Most of us spend a lot of time on our computers, so much so that we sometimes forget to turn things off. Shutting off your computer at night will save an average of $90 of electricity a year, according to the Department of Energy.
  7. 7. Look for ENERGY Star products. There are over 60 different product categories that qualify for the label and offer significant savings over the usual purchased products.

With a little bit of preparation and the use of inexpensive materials you can cut your energy costs up to 50%.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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