Protecting Your Home from Fire

Protecting Your Home from Fire

Fire disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. Because they are unpredictable, fire accidents can result in serious destructions to property, and they kill and harm thousands of people each year.  It is not easy to rebuild after you’ve lost many priceless things or loved ones.  All you can do is take measures to prevent fires from happening in the first place.

Here are a few tips to help you protect your home from fire:

  1. Install smoke alarms on every level of your home. Test and dust them monthly to make sure they work. Put in new batteries every year.
  2. Organize a fire escape plan for your family. Locate two exits out of every room and be sure every family members knows how to escape if there is a fire. Make sure that everyone knows where to find the keys for doors and windows that are regularly locked. Establish a meeting place outside of your house.
  3. Take extra care of your kitchen. Never leave your young children alone in the kitchen, especially when you are cooking.  When grilling, keep the grill at least ten feet away from any other objects. Things that can burn like dishtowels, paper, and plastic bags should be kept at least three feet away from the stove. Always double check to be sure your gas stoves are turned off when you are finished cooking.
  4. Never leave burning candles unattended.  Always make use of candle holders and blow out candles before you leave a room, especially if there are children around.
  5. Ensure that cigarettes are stubbed out appropriately. Use large and deep ashtrays placed on stable surfaces. Put out cigar butts with water before leaving them. Never smoke in bed.
  6. Use only one plug per socket. This will prevent overloading your electrical outlets.  Also, switch off appliances when not in use.
  7. Store gasoline in appropriate containers outside the house.  Remember to the tightly close the lid.  Never bring or use it indoors.
  8. Always close doors at night. In case of emergency, this can stop the spreading of fire and can give you valuable extra minutes to escape.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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