Tips for Making Laundry Less of a Chore

Tips for Making Laundry Less of a Chore

Doing the laundry is a chore that most of us love to hate. It is a time consuming task, never ending, and usually piles up quickly. However, there’s no way around it, so the question is, how do you make the task more manageable?

Here are some time-saving tips that will allow you to do your laundry faster:

  1. Pre-treat spots and stains. This should be done as soon as possible after they occur and  should be washed within one week. There are several products available at the market that makes cleaning your clothing and spot-treating stains headache free. It is also more energy-efficient because you can wait until you have a full load to wash the clothes versus having to do a small load immediately.
  2. Prepare the clothes to be washed. A small amount of preparation up front can pay off in the long run. By sorting laundry into groups of colors, whites, hand washing only, and heavy duty washing, everything will be cleaned appropriately the first time.  It will prevent you from having to deal with double washing certain items or ruining certain clothing that wasn’t washed appropriately.
  3. Make sure to check all pockets. You should empty all pockets in your clothing so you don’t accidentally wash paper bills, jewelry, important papers, etc.  Not only will this prevent them from being ruined, but it will also prevent anything from damaging the inside of your machine.
  4. Choose high-efficiency products.  They are designed to lessen color fading and bleeding while eliminating stains and odors. It is the best way to make sure clothes are done right the first time. They are usually more energy-efficient as well, so you will be making the process more eco-friendly.
  5. Always use a cold water rinse. Your clothes are going to be clean by the time the rinse cycle comes on, so there is no need to waste energy using warm water. Use cold water is also gentler on your clothes. Some higher-end washing machine models have thermostats that allow you to control how hot the water is during the various stages of the wash cycle.

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The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools Receives Truckload of Donations

The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools Receives Truckload of DonationsStudents need certain tools and supplies when they are at school to help them stay focused on their tasks and be able to complete their assignments in a thorough and accurate way.   Unfortunately, not all kids have access to the supplies they need, which can put them at a disadvantage in relation to other students.

In Oklahoma City, however, students in public schools will now have more of the supplies they need thanks to a truckload of school supplies that has been donated by Stillwater National Bank. The bank gave The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools all of the office supplies it no longer uses, instead of throwing them away, so students could put them to good use in the classroom.

The 27-foot truck unloaded last Wednesday with a number of tools that are still functional and can be reused by students. Some of the items included calculators and notebooks, which will be distributed to different public schools throughout the city.

The Foundation of Oklahoma City Public School aims to provide supplemental needs for students throughout the public school system and creates awareness about the needed help and support that every student must have in order to perform well in school.

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Replacing Old Window and Door Screens

Replacing Old Window and Door ScreensInsects can be very annoying when they enter your home. They spread many germs when they land on food, and some even bite you, which can cause painful sores and spread diseases to you.  Children are the most susceptible to these bad health conditions because their immune systems are not as strong as those of adults. By taking measures to prevent the entry of insects into your house, not only will you be able to enjoy an environment free of bugs flying around, but you will also protect your family’s health.

In order to prevent flying insects from entering your home, you must keep your doors and windows closed as much as possible or else install screens. Screens are a great way to protect the inside of your home, while still allowing fresh air to flow.  However, their effectiveness can be diminished when holes are present. It is very important to make sure that your screens are in good condition, so that they can serve their purpose.

Below are some instructions for replacing old window and door screens when they are too damaged to repair:

  1. Remove the old screen from the frame. Pry out the old spine using a screwdriver. Discard the worn wire because the spline gets hard and brittle as it gets older and should not be reused or recycled.
  2. Measure the dimensions of the opening and cut a new screen. If the frame is made of wood, cut the wire on grain 3 inches wider and 6 inches longer than the opening. If the frame is made of metal, cut it 3 inches larger than the opening on each side.
  3. Attach the new screen to the frame. Use a screen rolling tool to push the new wire fabric into the groove. Fasten it around the frame.
  4. Trim the excess screen. Using a sharp knife or scissors, cut the excess wire and trim it close to the staples.
  5. Attach original moldings. Restore the damaged areas with paint.

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Proper Cleaning and Maintenance of Gutters

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance of Gutters

Gutters provide an important purpose in homes, particularly in relation to weather proofing. It channels runoff water from the roof and empties it away from the house through pipes and downspouts. When a house does not have gutters, it ends up with water-soaked roofs and walls and a damaged foundation. A lot of people remain oblivious to these problems until the damage has already been become a hindrance to the house’s functionality. That’s why you should clean your gutters regularly to make sure they last a long time and you can avoid costly damage to your home and pocket book.

There are a few easy steps you can follow to maintain your gutters yourself. All you need is a ladder.  Before you climb the ladder, be sure all of its parts are tightened and functioning properly, so you can ensure your safety.  Once you are up near your gutters, remove decomposed leaves and unclog any debris in the downspouts to ensure that water can drain properly.  Run a water hose down the downspout. If the water stays at the top, a clog is present. If clogs remain present even after removing debris, it should replace that section entirely. If there are any leaks, check for holes and cracked caulking. Scrape the damaged sealing and dry the area thoroughly. Then, apply new bead silicon sealing to prevent water from getting down behind the gutters.

You can determine if the gutters are getting old if rust is present. Many homeowners switch their old gutters to aluminum and vinyl to avoid rust issues. If that is not an option in your budget, remove the rust by sanding it down. Paint your gutters with an appropriate primer and a rust-inhibiting paint.

If your gutter system has a lot of damage and requires more than just basic maintenance and repairs, it is time to replace your gutter system. Changing it may be costly, but it prevents endless repairs that will accumulate costs over time. It is always better to prevent damage than have to try to repair it, so keep everything functioning properly in your home by checking things every now and then to be sure everything is operating as it should.

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First Bike Lane in Edmond Now Serving Bikers

First Bike Lane in Edmond Now Serving Bikers

People who prefer to ride their bikes around town instead of driving cars can now do so safely thanks to the newly-opened bike lane along University Drive. It is the first official bike lane in Edmond.

Bike lanes reduce road accidents involving bikes and cars due to the mix of vehicles passing in a single lane. When bikers have their own road lane, they do not have to try to swerve through traffic to get around, which puts them at risk for getting side swept.  Likewise, cars do not have to worry about accidentally hitting cyclists.  It gives each type of driver a designated place to be.

University Drive in Edmond has been turned into a two-lane road with a bike lane on each side and a center turn. The overall cost of the project was $697,054 including resurfacing.  The bike lane was officially opened last Sunday with a ribbon cutting ceremony along the route.  In addition, the Americans with Disabilities Act improvement was also celebrated, as well as the unveiling of the city’s latest public art piece called Love My Bike.

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Preparing the Construction Site of Your Home

Preparing the Construction Site of Your Home

Site preparation is the important initial work that needs to be done on any construction project. It involves laying a new foundation on unprocessed land, which requires heavy equipment and following step-by-step process.

Here are a few things that a builder needs to be ready for when preparing a new construction project:

  1. Do a soil testing. It determines the capacity of the soil to hold up a structure and the absorption and drainage rate of the soil. It also helps to determine the proper location to set up a septic system.
  2. Construction should be done in coordination with environmental conditions because bad weather and extreme seasonal temperatures can affect the project.
  3. If any existing building is present on the sire, it will have to be demolished. Before this can happen, all services such as gas, electricity, and water should be disconnected. The sewer drains should be sealed, and a fence should be constructed around the site to protect the public. If the building has asbestos in it, strict safety precautions must be followed to protect the safety of the workers and surrounding residents.
  4. Talk with the local council regarding any trees that you may want to cut down.  There are instances when they should be preserved because of environmental issues, and you do not want to unknowingly break the law.
  5. After the existing buildings have been demolished, basic services should be installed like the water, electricity, gas and seweage.
  6. Avoid site preparation costs such as clearing trees, blasting rock, and hauling in fill dirt. They are quite expensive. To stay away from these costly processes, choose the site wisely.
  7. Set up a fence around the site and keep it in place until the construction is completed. To ensure the safety of everyone on site and around the neighborhood, put up safety signs that meet safety requirements. Clearly mark the entry and exit areas to prevent workers from hazards and risks.
  8. Before starting construction, organize the work and storage site to maximize efficiency.
  9. Stick to your original plan. Avoid changing details once you’re broken ground, as this will likely cost you more money and add to the construction time of the house.

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New Employee Health Care Clinic to Open in Edmond

New Employee Health Care Clinic to Open in Edmond

Employee health care benefits are an important aspect of any job, as they allow employees and their families to maintain good health at an affordable rate.  Edmond City Council recently voted 5-0 in favor of a city health care clinic for staff and employees of the city government. An Employee Health Care Clinic will be created to cover about 1,800 people, and it will be available early next year. The city health clinic will be self-insured and employee participation will be voluntarily. Aetna Insurance will handle claims, and participating employees will only be charged $22 per month.

According to Larry Stevens, city manager, the employee health clinic will be a great way to help employees prevent diseases and live healthier lives. It will also help employees take care of their health screenings and assessments closer to work.

The 900 square-foot clinic will be located in the lower level of the Downtown Community Center at 28 E. Main St. The initial budget for the project is $800,000, which will be taken from reserves in the Employee Group Health Fund.

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