New Employee Health Care Clinic to Open in Edmond

New Employee Health Care Clinic to Open in Edmond

Employee health care benefits are an important aspect of any job, as they allow employees and their families to maintain good health at an affordable rate.  Edmond City Council recently voted 5-0 in favor of a city health care clinic for staff and employees of the city government. An Employee Health Care Clinic will be created to cover about 1,800 people, and it will be available early next year. The city health clinic will be self-insured and employee participation will be voluntarily. Aetna Insurance will handle claims, and participating employees will only be charged $22 per month.

According to Larry Stevens, city manager, the employee health clinic will be a great way to help employees prevent diseases and live healthier lives. It will also help employees take care of their health screenings and assessments closer to work.

The 900 square-foot clinic will be located in the lower level of the Downtown Community Center at 28 E. Main St. The initial budget for the project is $800,000, which will be taken from reserves in the Employee Group Health Fund.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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