Preparing the Construction Site of Your Home

Preparing the Construction Site of Your Home

Site preparation is the important initial work that needs to be done on any construction project. It involves laying a new foundation on unprocessed land, which requires heavy equipment and following step-by-step process.

Here are a few things that a builder needs to be ready for when preparing a new construction project:

  1. Do a soil testing. It determines the capacity of the soil to hold up a structure and the absorption and drainage rate of the soil. It also helps to determine the proper location to set up a septic system.
  2. Construction should be done in coordination with environmental conditions because bad weather and extreme seasonal temperatures can affect the project.
  3. If any existing building is present on the sire, it will have to be demolished. Before this can happen, all services such as gas, electricity, and water should be disconnected. The sewer drains should be sealed, and a fence should be constructed around the site to protect the public. If the building has asbestos in it, strict safety precautions must be followed to protect the safety of the workers and surrounding residents.
  4. Talk with the local council regarding any trees that you may want to cut down.  There are instances when they should be preserved because of environmental issues, and you do not want to unknowingly break the law.
  5. After the existing buildings have been demolished, basic services should be installed like the water, electricity, gas and seweage.
  6. Avoid site preparation costs such as clearing trees, blasting rock, and hauling in fill dirt. They are quite expensive. To stay away from these costly processes, choose the site wisely.
  7. Set up a fence around the site and keep it in place until the construction is completed. To ensure the safety of everyone on site and around the neighborhood, put up safety signs that meet safety requirements. Clearly mark the entry and exit areas to prevent workers from hazards and risks.
  8. Before starting construction, organize the work and storage site to maximize efficiency.
  9. Stick to your original plan. Avoid changing details once you’re broken ground, as this will likely cost you more money and add to the construction time of the house.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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