First Bike Lane in Edmond Now Serving Bikers

First Bike Lane in Edmond Now Serving Bikers

People who prefer to ride their bikes around town instead of driving cars can now do so safely thanks to the newly-opened bike lane along University Drive. It is the first official bike lane in Edmond.

Bike lanes reduce road accidents involving bikes and cars due to the mix of vehicles passing in a single lane. When bikers have their own road lane, they do not have to try to swerve through traffic to get around, which puts them at risk for getting side swept.  Likewise, cars do not have to worry about accidentally hitting cyclists.  It gives each type of driver a designated place to be.

University Drive in Edmond has been turned into a two-lane road with a bike lane on each side and a center turn. The overall cost of the project was $697,054 including resurfacing.  The bike lane was officially opened last Sunday with a ribbon cutting ceremony along the route.  In addition, the Americans with Disabilities Act improvement was also celebrated, as well as the unveiling of the city’s latest public art piece called Love My Bike.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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