Time to Clean Your Upholstered Furniture

Time to Clean Your Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture can be very expensive.  Some are covered in high quality leather or suede, while others have polyester or hypoallergenic material. Upholstered furniture is more comfortable and tends to be more appealing than the plain, bare furniture.

If you have upholstered furniture, it is important to know the basic principles of how to clean and maintain it. There are even some upholstery cleaning tips that can help you revive old pieces. By following a few simple tips, you can easily learn how to clean furniture effectively.

  1. Lightly brush and vacuum all upholstered surfaces weekly, including the crevices behind, under, and between the cushions, as well as the cushions themselves. Your upholstery naturally absorbs small particles of dirt, oil, and debris every time someone sits down, so it is important to remove that residue so it doesn’t build up.
  2. Wipe away any spills the minute they happen. Don’t let them sit too long or seep through the fabric to the wood underneath because that will make them more difficult to clean. Treat the spot with a stain remover specifically designed for upholstery fabric. Test it on a small,  inconspicuous piece of the furniture first to make sure it won’t ruin your upholstery before you apply it all over.
  3.  Protection is the easiest way to keep things clean. Make some rules regarding how the furniture is used. Don’t allow anyone to eat or put their shoes on any of the furniture to avoid stains and dirt on your furniture.
  4. Use a dry sponge to remove dirt, grime, and pet hair that cannot be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner. A dry sponge can work wonders and is washable.
  5. Use a good fabric protector when it comes to upholstery cleaning. This can make removing stains a simple matter of blotting up a spill with a clean cloth. Always blot up spills with a clean cloth right away, but never rub them or they will seep into the fabric.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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