Helpful Walk-In Closet Ideas for Every Home

Helpful Walk-In Closet Ideas for Every Home

Walk-in closets are one of the most appreciated rooms when a home is bought or sold because they offer homeowners a place to store clothing and important belongings without feeling cramped.  Walk-in closet designs can make your life easier and save you time, and there are many different ways you can create the perfect walk-in closet design for you.

1. Consider the dimensions. A walk-in closet should ideally be at least 66 inches long with a door at least 7 feet high in order to feel spacious.

2. Choose a door. This will enable you to shut the door to your closet when you are done, so you won’t have to look at stored items unless you want to.

3. Install adjustable shelves. This will give you space to store things of different sizes. Shoe shelves are very popular and you can find them in all sorts of models and sizes.

5. Have sufficient lighting. This will allow you to pick out outfits wisely and avoid ending up with stained or mismatched attire.

6. Get storage baskets. Small items such as socks and underwear should be placed built-in drawers or storage boxes. You can even roll up your pajamas or night gowns and put them in storage boxes to free up space on the clothing rack.

7. Add a pull-down hanger bar. This type of hanger bar stays up and out of reach most of the time, but when you are ready to use it, there is a rope you can pull down to bring it out.  A hanger bar allows you to use the lower areas of your closet for drawers or other means of storage.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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