Free Clinic for Trout Fishing in Oklahoma City

Free Clinic for Trout Fishing in Oklahoma City

Anglers of all ages are always looking forward to the annual rainbow trout season. This season, part of the fishing program will be a free program for trout fishing, which will be held on January 10 at the Putnam City High School Gymnasium.

The “Close to Home” fishing program is a collaboration between the City of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. It features the yearly trout season, which allows anglers to fish trout at designated bodies of water in the city. There are also seminars and the fishing events that help anglers learn more techniques about trout fishing.

Trout fishing for this year will be funded by the Dolese Brothers Company and the 89er chapter of Trout Unlimited. The latter will also be one of the demonstrators during the fishing clinic. They will be demonstrating techniques for fly fishing.

Those who want to attend the trout fishing clinic can come to the Putnam City High School Gymnasium located at 5300 NW 50th Street from 7pm to 8:30pm. The program will be free for all and is open to all ages.

Anglers who wish to fish will need to have a City fishing permit and state fishing license. For a daily permit, cost will be $3.50 and $18.50 for an annual permit. Only one pole or rod and reel are allowed, with a maximum of 6 trout for each person daily.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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