Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor allergens and pollutants hit their peak in the winter when homes are sealed against the cold. They can cause a stuffy nose, headaches, and sinus infections. That’s why it is important to take measures to achieve a cleaner indoor air quality in your home, especially during winter.

Here are some simple ways you can purify your air and make it safe for your family:

  1. Improve the ventilation. If it’s not too cold outside, briefly open the window or door every now and then to bring some fresh air into the house. Make sure that the exhaust fans in your home are truly venting outward and that no exhaust is escaping back into your house. Clean your chimney flue once a month during wintertime when you are using it regularly.
  2. Eliminate and prevent the growth of mold. Mold grows anywhere that has moisture, and anytime there is mold growth, there will also be airborne mold spores. Mold spores, when inhaled, can irritate the lungs and may cause allergic reactions and exacerbate asthma. Keep surfaces in your home dry and use detergent to clean any mold you may find.
  3. Change your heat and air filters. This will make the units run better and will help trap things that you don’t want to be blown around your home.
  4. Use indoor plants as air purifiers. It is easy to grow aloe vera and spider plants, and they are both great at removing formaldehyde and benzene (found in cleaning products) from the air.
  5. Bathe and groom your pet regularly.  Your pets probably spend more time indoors during the winter, which will increase the amount of fur floating around our home. Bathe and groom them regularly and wash their bedding using hot water. Keep your pets out of your bedroom if possible.
  6. Use an air purifier. This will help you combat any pollutants that are floating around the air. You can find everything from inexpensive models to state-of-the-art purifier systems. Do your research on the different options available, so you  can choose the best one for your home.

Poor indoor air quality can result in many negative health effects such as breathing disorders and respiratory ailments. By improving the indoor air quality of your home, you will be able to help everyone in your family breathe easier and stay healthier.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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