Oklahoma City-County Health Department Offers Total Wellness Program in January

Oklahoma City-County Health Department Offers Total Wellness Program in January

Maintaining good health is essential for us to live a longer and happier life. If we want to continue living without the worry of developing detrimental health conditions, we must find ways to keep our body in good condition at all times.

Being overweight plays a significant role in poor health. When our bodies are carrying around more weight than what is naturally intended, it makes it harder for our body to function properly, and we are exposing ourselves to potential illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure. To ensure that doesn’t happen, regular exercise and a balanced diet are key.

To help Oklahomans who are ready to shed some pounds, the Oklahoma City-County Health Department is offering a weight loss program called Total Wellness this January. It is a 12-week class that teaches participants how to lose weight, how to maintain a healthy body, and other key factors that affect weight loss. Different topics will be tackled including how to reduce body weight, how to increase physical activity, dietary changes, and developing a healthier lifestyle.

Classes will be held for one hour every week. The goal is for each participant to lose 5% of their body weight and be active for 2 1/2 hours every week. Health screenings will also be provided for free to all participants.

Cindy Daniel
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