Different Types of Garage Doors

Different Types of Garage Doors

If you are considering buying a new or replacement garage door, there are plenty of options available to you. Each style has different features and benefits, so here are a few facts about the most common types of garage doors to aid you in your search:

  1. Steel Garage Door. This is one of the most popular styles of garage doors on the market. They are easy to maintain, but the downsides are that steel does not insulate well and it dents easily.
  2. Swing Hand Door. This is a traditional style that is hinged to the side of the garage door opening and functions like a typical door. It is not suitable for homes that have narrow driveways because it requires a lot of space.
  3. Panel Door. This type of door slides up and over the garage’s ceiling on a fixed track and can easily be automated. It requires enough headroom within the garage to be able to slide all the way back without hitting anything. The benefit of this type of door is that it doesn’t need space outside the garage to fully open, making it perfect for narrow or short driveways.
  4. Roller Door. This is another space saving type of door that doesn’t even need to be stored within the ceiling space above your garage. It simply rolls up around a drum above the opening. It is often made from narrow aluminium strips that can easily fold.
  5. Sliding door. This is a twofold door that runs along tracks at the top and bottom of the door.   The door slides open to one side of the entryway. It can be a very versatile style as long as the space within the garage is not restricted.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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