$70 Million Expansion Planned for Will Rogers World Airport

$70 Million Expansion Planned for Will Rogers World Airport

Travelling will soon become even more convenient in Oklahoma City with the scheduled expansion at the Will Rogers World Airport. Soon, travelers will have faster access to security as well as more gates to accommodate their flights.

According to airport leaders, Will Rogers is accommodating about 12,000 passengers each day. Such an increase in travelers will require an expansion of the airport, in addition to the supplemental gates.

Based on the expansion plan, the airport will need to expand its screening location into one centralized checkpoint. The goal is to enhance the security check of passengers thereby making it faster to get through security.

Included in the expansion plan is the addition of nine new airline gates. The 12,000-square-foot cargo building next to the east side of the terminal will be demolished, giving way to six new gates. The terminal will also increase in size to add a new space for three more gates. After the construction of the new gates, the airport will have a total of 26 gates.

The cost of the expansion project is estimated at $70 million. The project’s design is set to span two years, followed by construction two years after. Completion of the project is expected in the year 2017.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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