Pay Increase for Oklahoma State Employees Passed as House Bill

Pay Increase for Oklahoma State Employees Passed as House Bill

Every government body needs to have a competitive workforce in order to function well. Having more high-quality state employees can help accelerate and improve government projects, thereby better serving the community. In Oklahoma, many state employees are retiring or transferring to private sector jobs due to higher pay. Based on reports that have been conducted, state employees are paid 20 percent less than those with similar jobs in the private sector.

This prompted Rep. Leslie Osborn to submit a bill that would provide more competitive wages to state employees in order to attract and retain top recruits. House Bill 3293 has passed in the Oklahoma House of Representative and is now heading to the state Senate for consideration. The bill will increase the salaries of state employees to 90 percent of private sector wages over a four-year period.

Three percent of the payroll for a previous fiscal year will be allocated for the salary adjustments of an upcoming year. The Office of Management Enterprise Services will be granted the jurisdiction to set the pay structures and evaluate if adjustments are necessary.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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