How to Maintain Oriental Rugs

How to Maintain Oriental Rugs

One of the most popular and exquisite decor items you can purchase for your home is an oriental rug.  Oriental rugs are more than just floor coverings – they are works of art that are full of rich textures and colors that create a warm and inviting feel to your home. They have a natural beauty, versatility, and durability that makes them a worthwhile investment if you are looking for a piece that will last you for years and years to come.

Oriental rugs are hand woven using certain specific techniques. Thus, it is important to know how to maintain, preserve, and protect them from wear and tear over time. Here are a few simple tips for caring for your oriental rug:

  1. Use padding. Good quality padding can protect and double the life of the rug, especially in heavy traffic areas. Adding padding underneath the rug extends the life of the rug by cushioning the impact between the hard floor surfaces and the sole of a shoe. It is recommended to use synthetic fiber padding with rubber backing to keep the rug from moving and wrinkling.
  2. Regularly rotate the rug.  Rotate your rug at least once a year – or more if it is located in a high-traffic area. Regular traffic will create a worn path or pattern in the rug, which will affect both the quality and appearance of the rug. Follow the same procedure if your rug is exposed to sunlight, as ultraviolet rays can fade the dyes used to color the fibers.
  3. Check for moths. Moth can cause extensive damage to oriental rugs. Their larvae eat the pile and knots on the back of rugs. Spray both the front and back of a rug about every six months with an oriental rug-safe moth spray to avoid any damage.
  4. Sweepin. Use a broom to sweep away loose soil that accumulates on the rug. A rug should be swept at least once a week to maintain the natural patina or sheen of the rug.
  5. Have it professionally cleaned. Take your rug to professional cleaners for a more thorough cleaning every one to three use, depending on its use, location, and climate.

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