Edmond Turns Red Cedar into Mulch for Public Landscapes

Edmond Turns Red Cedar into Mulch for Public Landscapes

It is always a nice addition to any community to have landscaping surrounding public areas and along the highways. All of this natural beauty adds up to equal a progressive city, maintaining a natural-feeling atmosphere despite the outcropping of buildings and highways.

However, as beautiful as landscaping and scenery can be – it also requires a lot of upkeep cost for the city to maintain these plants and trees.

In Edmond, one way to maintain public landscapes while saving the city a significant expense is to convert trees into necessary resources. Edmond’s Urban Forestry Department is harvesting eastern red cedar trees around Arcadia Lake and converting them into mulch.

According to the Forestry Department, there is an abundant growth of red cedar trees around the lake. By cutting and removing some of these trees, other parts of the lake will be open for additional kinds of plants, such as native grass or other types of tree cover, to begin growing.

Instead of getting rid of the red cedar trees, the Forestry Department will convert them into mulch that will be distributed to different public landscaped areas. This will save the city a significant maintenance cost given that they will no longer need to buy mulch commercially but instead will have their own supply.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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