Edmond Police Department Wants to Soundproof Firing Range

Edmond Police Department Wants to Soundproof Firing Range

In Edmond, firing ranges are operated based on the safety standards of the city. The police department firing range already exceeds the standards provided by the National Rifle Association, yet they still want to do more to make it sound proof and safer. The location of the police firing range is now more populated than it once was, so the police want to  implement additional safety measures to protect the community.

For many residents surrounding the firing range, one of the biggest issues they experience as a result of the facility is noise disturbance. Residents are supposed to be made aware of the firing range before they move into the area, but police still want to take extra measures to minimize the inconvenience. In order to prepare nearby residents for the noise, police notify them three or four days in advance of police trainings, so they will not be caught off guard by the noise.

The total cost of adding barriers to better sound proof the firing range is around $1 million. To provide additional barriers, bullet-capturing beams will be made taller using the dirt from the construction of the new Public Safety Center.

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Different Types of Insulation for Your Home

Different Types of Insulation for Your Home

Insulation is an important part of your home, as it helps it to maintain a comfortable temperature and be more energy efficient. There are many insulation types you can choose from depending on your needs and your budget. When you are choosing insulation for your home, make not that the higher the R-value, the better it is at conserving energy and helping make your home comfortable. The R-value refers to the ability of a material to block heat transfer.

Here are the most common types of insulation and how you can benefit from them:

  1. Foam Board. This type of insulation is composed of thick, fixed panels of foam that have been cut to fit in between the wall studs. It can be used in both pre-existing walls and new walls. It does not have to be stapled to studs while being unwound because it sticks automatically. Multiple levels of foam boards can be installed together to order to achieve the desired thickness
  2. Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF). This type of insulation consists of foam boards or hollow foam blocks that are tied together and built directly into the structure. They offer high thermal resistance with R-values exceeding R-17.
  3. Spray Foam. Polyurethane material is the most common example of this. The material is simply sprayed in place in wall openings or attic floors. It expands into a solid plastic made up of air-filled cells when sprayed. This is a good option to consider for structures that are irregularly shaped and the best way to insulate very small spaces and cracks.
  4. Blanket Insulation. This type of insulation is made from mineral fibres and comes in blanketed rolls. It is usually placed between wood frames and rafter, above ceilings, and under flooring.
  5. Loose Fill Insulation. This type of insulation is made up of loose fibers and fiber pellets that fill the cavities of attics using special machines. Cellulose, as well as a fibreglass and rockwool mixture,  are the two types of loose-fill insulation. Cellulose is composed of recycled newspaper which can be chemically treated to make it fire resistant, while the fibreglass and rockwool mixture uses a blow-in blanket system that offers full coverage and better insulation.

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Edmond Jazz and Blues Festival Returns This Saturday

Edmond Jazz and Blues Festival Returns This Saturday

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The Importance of Gutter Guards

The Importance of Gutter Guards

As a home owner, it’s important to stay on top of home maintenance and keep an eye out for necessary repairs. Serious problems can usually be prevented if you repair minor issues early on, so they don’t grow into bigger issues.

There are plenty of things that need to be maintained and one of them is gutter guards. The main purpose of gutter guards  is to prevent clogging in your drainage system and protect your house’s foundation from water damage. They are designed to allow rainwater to enter you gutters and pass freely through the downspouts. They also keep out leaves and other debris that can clog gutters.

Gutter guards are especially important in colder climates. Gutters without gutter guards can become clogged, which prevents water from reaching the downspouts. When the temperatures dip to freezing levels, that trapped standing water will freeze and add additional weight to the gutter that can cause it to sag or break.

When you are purchasing gutter covers, there are many options available. There are a range of screen covers as well as solid ones. Durability depends on the material; aluminium and steel are generally not prone to rusting and damage from the sun’s UV rays. Vinyl, on the other hand, can weaken over time.

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OKC Celebrates Water Appreciation Day

OKC Celebrates Water Appreciation Day

Water is one of the most important natural resources we have in this world. Unfortunately, due to drought and the increasing demand for water, we are already seeing the potential for a water shortage in the years to come.

To promote awareness of water conservation, the Oklahoma Water Resources Board is going to be hosting the Ninth Annual Oklahoma Water Appreciation Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol on Monday, May 19. The event focuses on providing valuable information to people in the community about how to conserve water in their daily lives. Various water agencies and organizations will be on site to share information.

According to J.D. Strong, the board’s Executive Director, the event will provide resources about water management and conservation as well as programs that will help educate the public more. The event will also help the state work toward its goal of maintaining natural water usage until 2060. Water for 2060 is a campaign that works to conserve water all over Oklahoma to maintain water levels in order to meet the state’s demands.

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How to Choose Curtains for Your Bedroom

How to Choose Curtains for Your Bedroom

When decorating a bedroom, you must consider both functional and aesthetic factors. Bedroom curtains are often used for  different (and sometimes multiple) purposes. They are most commonly used to decorate the room and create a pleasant ambiance or to serve as a way to block light while sleeping. Curtains also offer privacy and minimize disturbances.

When choosing curtains for your bedroom, you should keep several criteria in mind:

  1. Size – Measure the length and width of the window or wall you want to cover.  This will help save time when shopping for curtains because you can immediately eliminate options that won’t physically fit the area.
  2. Lighting – Decide what kind of light effect you want in the room and how much light you want to keep in or out.  If you want a soft glow, opt for sheer, flowy curtains in lighter colors. If you want to be able to eliminate light in the bedroom, opt for heavy drapes.
  3. Location – Consider where the bedroom is located, as that will influence how exposed it is to light. This will also factor into whether you choose heavier or lighter materials.
  4. Decor – The color of the curtains should match the decor and furnishings of the room. Most people opt for plain bedroom curtains rather than patterned ones to give a more restful feel to the room.
  5. Privacy – Figure out how much privacy you need in your bedroom. If you have a window that facing a busy street, then it would be wise to choose curtains that will cover the window completely. If you live in a place where privacy is not as much of an issue, you can opt for decorative curtains that never need to be closed or that only cover part of the window.

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Oklahoma Caring Vans Offer Free Vaccinations for Kids

Oklahoma Caring Vans Offer Free Vaccinations for Kids

Proper immunizations helps kids have healthier and stronger bodies to fight against diseases and illnesses. Unfortunately, not all kids are able to obtain proper vaccinations due to their expensive costs. In response, the Oklahoma Caring Vans are offering a special program to assist all kids in receiving proper immunizations.

This month, the Oklahoma Caring Vans will be giving free vaccinations to kids who are uninsured, American Indian, or Medicaid-eligible. The program covers vaccinations that are required by law for enrollment in school or other child care facilities.

The Caring Vans clinics will be at various locations to administer vaccinations. They will be at 7001 S Western on Wednesday from 11am to 3pm, 500 E Grand Blvd. on May 16 from 10am to 2pm, 2704 NE 24 on May 17 from 10am to 2pm, 1138 N Meridian on May 21 from 9am to 3pm, and 36 W Memorial on May 22 from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

Services will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Parents or guardians must provide records of previous immunizations.

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