Edmond Police Department Wants to Soundproof Firing Range

Edmond Police Department Wants to Soundproof Firing Range

In Edmond, firing ranges are operated based on the safety standards of the city. The police department firing range already exceeds the standards provided by the National Rifle Association, yet they still want to do more to make it sound proof and safer. The location of the police firing range is now more populated than it once was, so the police want to  implement additional safety measures to protect the community.

For many residents surrounding the firing range, one of the biggest issues they experience as a result of the facility is noise disturbance. Residents are supposed to be made aware of the firing range before they move into the area, but police still want to take extra measures to minimize the inconvenience. In order to prepare nearby residents for the noise, police notify them three or four days in advance of police trainings, so they will not be caught off guard by the noise.

The total cost of adding barriers to better sound proof the firing range is around $1 million. To provide additional barriers, bullet-capturing beams will be made taller using the dirt from the construction of the new Public Safety Center.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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