Tips on How to Easily Remove Wallpaper

Tips on How to Easily Remove Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper has been long considered a laborious and tedious task. It can cause severe damage to your walls if it is not done properly, and most removal damage is the result of not enough wallpaper primer being used before the walls were papered. Insufficient primer can allow the glue to be absorbed into the wallboard.

Here are some proven steps to make removing wallpaper a little less painful:

  1. Prepare the room. Wallpaper removal is a messy job. Minimize the extent of the mess by placing an inexpensive plastic drop cloth over the furniture and laying a rubber backed runner along the wall. Remove everything that is hanging on the wall and move furniture away from the wall by at least three feet.
  2. Determine if your wallpaper is the strippable type or the type that requires more labor. To figure this out, you can simply start in a corner and see if it will peel. Pry up a corner either with your fingers or a putty knife. Just be sure to move carefully and slowly, so the wallpaper doesn’t rip off into your hand.
  3. Purchase wallpaper removal solution. This can be found in any home improvement or decorating store. Follow the instructions carefully, as some solutions much be mixed with water.
  4. Steaming the wallpaper. This is a preferred way to remove the paper from walls. The steam allows the adhesive on the wallpaper to become soft, and then the paper can be easily peeled from the wall using the proper tools, such as scraper.
  5. Use fine grit sandpaper once the wall dries. This will remove any of the backing you may have missed. Wipe a rag dampened with water and vinegar to fully remove the rest of adhesive.

Removing wallpaper doesn’t have to be a tedious and dreadful project. It will definitely take a little time and some elbow grease, but by following the tips mentioned above,  you will end up with good results, so you can move on to painting your walls or hanging new wallpaper.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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