How to Maintain Your Garage Doors

How to Maintain Your Garage Doors

Garages are great for protecting your cars and serving as extra storage space for lawn equipment and tools. Because they are used to frequently, however, garage doors receive a lot of wear and tear.  In order to properly maintain your garage doors, so they serve you well for year to come, follow these general guidelines:

  1. Regularly clean the garage door.

When cleaning your garage door, use a mild detergent and a soft brush to remove any dirt. Avoid corrosive chemicals, as they may prevent the door from working properly afterward. While cleaning the garage door, inspect it for any damage that should be repaired. This cleaning routine applies to all kinds of garage doors, regardless of their materials or operating procedures.

  1. Repaint on a regular basis.

Repainting your garage door inside and out will significantly reduce the chance of moisture seeping into it, would could damage the appearance, as well as its ability to open and close properly.

  1. Lubricate the moving parts.

The moving parts of the garage door are the springs, chains, hinges, and rollers. At least once a year, lubricate these moving parts with a spray lubricant or oil to work smoothly and properly.

  1. Tighten any necessary parts.

For an electric garage door, inspect it thoroughly to determine if screws, nuts, or bolts have come loose over time, so they can be tightened. Any loose parts of a garage door can reduce its functionality and may also lead to further damage.

  1. Regularly clean and lubricate garage door tracks.

When cleaning garage door tracks, use a clean cloth with a non-corrosive cleaner and wipe them thoroughly, including the exposed parts of the rollers. Aside from lubricating the moving parts of the garage door, you also need to lubricate the garage door tracks in order for the rollers to glide smoothly. You can use a garage door lubricant or powdered graphite.

Cindy Daniel
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