Five Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Five Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Electric tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly popular over standard water heaters due to the many benefits they provide. Tankless water heaters work by heating water as it passes through a heat exchanger versus keeping a large amount of water heated at all times. A sensor tells the heat exchanger to fire and heat the water any time you turn on a hot water knob or faucet.

Here are a few of the many benefits of  electric tankless water heaters:

  1. They don’t require much room because they are much smaller and more compact than traditional units. They can often be installed on a wall. Average tankless heaters measure about 20 inches wide by 28 inches tall.
  2. There is a reduced risk of flooding because they don’t maintain a reserve of water that could leak.
  3. They have a life expectancy of about 20 years, unlike traditional heaters that have a life expectancy of 6 to 10 years. They also have easily replaceable parts that extend their life by many more years.
  4. Even though the initial purchase cost is more, tankless water heaters quickly make up for it by saving you money on your utility bills due to their more efficient operating systems. The operating cost of an average tankless unit is 20% to 50% less than a traditional water heater because they are not wasting energy on standby heat that is heating water in a tank waiting for someone to use it.
  5. They are produced by some of the most innovative and quality-conscious manufactures, such as Bosch, Takagi, and Noritz. You can be confident in the reliability and reputation of the products.

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Oklahoma City Residents More Satisfied with the City’s Services

Oklahoma City Residents More Satisfied with the City’s Services

Results from a recent citizen survey done by ETC Institute have shown that Oklahoma City residents are happy with the improvements that have occurred in the city in recent years.  The survey was conducted last June, and 1,201 people, representing different types of households in the city, participated. According to the survey, residents have a positive view of the city and are satisfied with what they are experiencing.

A significant number of residents think that the city is a great place to live and have a career. Emergency response services, such as fire departments and ambulances, and the police force also received a more satisfactory rating than in the past. In addition, customer service in the local government offices has improved, and employees now offer more accurate information and greater assistance, which citizens indicated that they appreciated.

Residents were satisfied with utilities like water services, trash collection, and pick-up of bulk items. Satisfaction in public transportation also increased, as did sentiments toward the enforcement of parking and signs in the community.

Overall, Oklahoma City ranked above the national average in several aspects. The city ranked 18 percent above the national average in the overall quality of city services. Planning growth of the city ranked 28 percent above the national average. Communication with the public ranked 14 percent higher than the national average.

The main thing residents remained dissatisfied with was street maintenance and traffic flow. 

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Five Tips for Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan

Five Tips for Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan

Long gone are the days when ceiling fans were simply a practical necessity. Now, ceiling fans are not only functional, but can also serve as a beautiful design accent to your home.  When purchasing a new ceiling fan, there are several factors to consider, including blade size, shape, and motor speed.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right ceiling fan for your room:

  1. Determine the purpose of the ceiling fan. Is it simply decorative, or are you using it for lighting and ventilation? Don’t overlook this step because it plays an important factor in the decision-making process.
  2. Size matters. Ceiling fans come in almost every size imaginable. Choose one that fits the size of your room and the height of your ceilings. You obviously don’t want to choose something too big, as it will make your room feel cramped or even post a safety hazard.  On the other hand, you need something that fills the desired space nicely, so you don’t want something too small. Choosing an appropriate size will also ensure greater energy efficiency.
  3. Decide on the motor type.  There are two varieties of fan motors: friction driver motors and direct drive motors. Direct drive motors are the simplest option and can last for a longer time.
  4. Determine the type of mounting. How you need to mount your fan will depend on the ceiling height. If you have lower ceilings, it is recommended to choose a flush mount, so the fan remains as high as possible. If you have taller ceilings, you can install a down rod if you would like the fan to hang further down.
  5. Safety should be your utmost concern. Make sure that your fan is quality rated and that you won’t be overloading any electrical circuits by installing and using it. Overloading the circuits may lead to power outages and even fire. Electrical problems can also be costly to fix.

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New Fitness Trail and Exercise Facilities at Bluff Creek Park in Oklahoma City

New Fitness Trail and Exercise Facilities at Bluff Creek Park in Oklahoma City

Bluff Creek Park will soon be adding a new fitness trail to its facilities as a part of its improvements plan. The trail will also feature exercise stations for added convenience to runners and hikers. This is the final improvement to be made at Bluff Creek Park, and construction is set to begin this month.

Several years ago, a number of improvements were planned for Bluff Creek Park, located at 10941 North Meridian in northwest Oklahoma City. They included a new access road, walkways, landscaping, parking lots, two picnic pavilions, and the new fitness trail. Funds for the project were partly drawn from 2007 general obligation bond funds and 2013-2014 capital improvement funds. Private funds for the new trail were taken from the Continental Resources Inc. donation. They are also funding a third picnic pavilion in the park, which will be named after them.

According to the plan, the new fitness trail will be a ¼ mile long and paved. The three exercise stations along the way will include outdoor exercise equipment and an area for stretching exercises, sit-ups, pull-ups, and arm and balance exercises.

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Types of Bonsai Plants

Types of Bonsai Plants

Bonsai plants are unique additions to any home that have a lot of beneficial qualities. One of their primary benefits is that they improve air quality by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, thus keeping the air fresher and cleaner. Bonsai plants are also very visually appealing and have a look unlike any other, making them a wonderful element either inside your home or within your outdoor landscaping design.  In addition, studies have shown that indoor plants like bonsai have a significant positive effect on your psychological well-being, as nature is proven to reduce stress.

When choosing a bonsai plant, it is better to opt for one that grows quickly and has a simpler shape for easy maintenance. Here are some easy bonsai plants to maintain:

  1. Japanese Red Maple – This bonsai is liked for its beautiful, formal qualities. During spring, it is a magnificent red orange color, and then during summer, its leaves turn dark red. Its foliage is delicate, but compact.
  2. Cotoneaster – Of all the bonsai varieties, this is the easiest to care for. It is a miniature version of a hardy type of plant that has beautiful flowers and leaves. This is easy to care for because it can thrive under a variety of conditions.
  3. Chinese Elm – This is the recommended tree for first-time bonsai caretakers since it can survive any condition, whether indoors or outdoors. This bonsai plant requires pruning, but its growth pattern is fairly predictable, making it easy to care for. What makes it more distinct among others is the evergreen color of its bark.
  4. Brazilian Rain Tree – The Brazilian rain tree is well liked for its compound foliage with delicate branches. When this bonsai plant matures, pieces of bark fall off, which results in a beautiful contrast of dark and light colors on its trunk.

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Edmond Historic Preservation Trust Offers Historic Walking Tour Downtown

Edmond Historic Preservation Trust Offers Historic Walking Tour Downtown

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Cleaning Your Home Exterior with Pressure Washing

Cleaning Your Home Exterior with Pressure Washing

As a homeowner, it is important that you keep the exterior of your house properly cleaned and maintained in order to ensure its longevity. The outside areas of your house are exposed to much harsher elements and weather conditions that the inside, so it naturally takes more time to clean it. The best way to thoroughly clean the exterior of your home is with pressure washing.

Cleaning hard surfaces with a pressure washer takes only a fraction of the amount of time it takes to scrub by hand. A pressure washer utilizes a high pressure nozzle to spray water out at high speeds. The force of the water hitting the surface is strong enough that is easily knocks away oil, dirt, grime stains, mold, and mildew.

Before you pressure wash your home, you should protect light fixtures, small plants, and any breakable items around the house with plastic bags, drop cloths, and duct tape. Inspect the walls to see if there are any missing boards, broken windows, or insulation that needs replacing to avoid spraying water into your home. Remember that pressure washing devices are powerful and have a 1500 – 3000 psi capacity. Water damage can be catastrophic even at low pressure spraying, so to prevent damage, you need to make sure that the pressure you apply is not too intense. Keep a safe distance and do not wash surfaces too closely.

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