Railroad Crossing Safety Initiative Planned for Oklahoma

Railroad Crossing Safety Initiative Planned for Oklahoma

Railroad crossing scan pose a potential risk to drivers, but they are often-times unavoidable. Many roads intersect across railroads, hence vehicles will have to pass over the tracks. Unfortunately, there are cases of tragic accidents and deaths caused by locomotive crashes. Some vehicles fail to stop before the track or may lose their brakes on the center of the railroad, causing a collision with the train.

Another reason for railroad crossing accidents is the lack of guard arms along the road, which serve as warnings to drivers passing through. In order to address these issues, Gov. Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation is implementing a safety initiative that will enhance safety along railroad crossings.

The $100 million safety initiative will enable the provision of guard arms and signals to railroad crossings in need. It will be the first of its kind in the state of Oklahoma and will be able to warn vehicle drivers of incoming trains.

Part of the funds will be taken from the sale of the Sooner Sub rail line. A $75 million fund will be granted for this purpose.

According to ODOT, the safety initiative will also require participation from drivers themselves. They must also do their part to stay safe during these situations. The overall safety initiative is said to be completed in two to three years.

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Outdoor Patio Heaters: Bringing Comfort to your Patio

Outdoor Patio Heaters Bringing Comfort to your Patio

If you enjoy being outside all year round, but have quite a problem finding comfort in the cold winter weather, you might want to check out outside patio heaters. The heater will fight off the chilly air within your general vicinity, keeping you and all your guests comfortable and warm. It is definitely a great solution for continuous enjoyment of an outdoor party, no matter how warm or cold the weather is.

Patio heaters come in several choices. These include propane courtyard furnace and electric patio heaters. You can choose between different styles, such as fire pit, outdoor fireplace and the most commonly used umbrella heaters. Umbrella patio heaters are portable and lightweight, thus you can easily carry them from one end of your patio to the other.

These heaters use different fuel sources such as propane, natural gas, electricity and wood. Propane-operated patio heaters are mostly used in homes. The efficiency of this type of heater can give a heating service up to 10 hours and warm an area up to 20 feet diameter.

Before purchasing one of these heaters, it is essential to decide how much you are looking to spend and how much area you want to cover. While you do not have to go with the most expensive model, there are several options to pick from without having to go too cheap. Make sure you are going to get a heater that is going to effectively heat a good sized area, since you are dealing with the elements of the outdoors. It is recommended that you check with your town for any potential safety violations; each town differs in regards to restrictions and safety codes.

You and your family can still continue to spend quality time on your patio. Cold weather should be no reason to limit your time outdoors, and a patio heater will ensure you that there will be no limits.

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Oklahoma City Schools Consider In-House Social Workers in Campus

Oklahoma City Schools Consider In-House Social Workers in Campus

Kids, especially those who are in school, need all the assistance they can get to focus on their education and healthy lifestyle. Students must be supplemented with healthy foods and valuable resources so they will be able to enhance their personal development and do well in school.

Unfortunately, not all families can fully support their children with everything they need. In fact, even schools are taking a lot of pressure to maksure that all students are sufficiently provided for and have all the resources necessary to success.

That is one reason why Oklahoma City Schools are considering an in-house social worker that would help and offer students aid as needed. OKC Schools are planning to partner with HS as well as the students and their parents in this new program.

According to Cherron Ukpaka, Principal of Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, their school has already benefitted from having a social worker in the campus. The help they receive had reducedpressure on parents and the school and help minimize risk on the students. MLK Elem. has had a social worker in the campus for the past five years.

The program will help enable families and their students obtain the necessary resources that they need. Resources available at the DHS Office are also available at the school. Social workers can help deal with several issues faced by students, including emotional and behavioral intervention, truancy and child welfare. They can also do home visits, if necessary.

Oklahoma City is encouraging all principals to consider the program and to evaluate the benefit of having a social worker in their school. Most OKC Schools are receiving federal funding to pay a social worker.

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Ceramic Tile Installation Pattern: A Creative Idea for Your Home

Ceramic Tile Installation Pattern A Creative Idea for Your Home

Many homeowners around the world use ceramic tiles all across their homes. Ceramic tiles are made of tough and durable material that adds visual appeal and protection compared to other tile compositions.

The best part about ceramic tile manufacturers is that they have the ability to work in creative ways, such as using ceramic tile patterns. Using ceramic tile patterns when decorating your home will help you keep the room in line with the decor in the rest of your home.

When selecting ceramic tile patterns, consider the space they will be placed in. Usually, when you are designing a small space, you do not want several motifs crammed together, as this will make a room look cluttered and busy. Too many different patterns will strain your visitors eyes and may result in an unpleasant decorative environment.

One of the most common and basic ceramic tile installation patterns can be created by alternating different colors. All that you have to do is get two different colors of tiles and lay them down, one color and then the other. You must repeat this until all of the needed tiles are laid out and the area is completely covered. Use colors that already exist in that room to design a pattern that complements that room.

If you wish to venture into more complicated plans, you may try making the pattern diagonalbasket weave or windmill pattern with the tiles. You can use tiles that are of the same color or use different color tiles to add another level to the design. However, it might be best to leave these more complicated ceramic tile patterns to an expert.

Always plan and check out the different ceramic tile installation patterns that you can create with the space that you have to work with. Make floor plans in order to get an idea of the entire space that you are going to be working with. Try out different patterns to see how the end result will look. Use a piece of paper or a software program that can be purchased for this purpose. It will help you visualize possible patterns that may suit the area well.

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Remote Area Medical Offers Free Medical Clinic in OKC

Remote Area Medical Offers Free Medical Clinic in OKC

Metropolitan residents are in need of medical check-ups in order to verify their physical condition is sound. Though some may choose to go through medical examinations, others do not have this luxury given their limited resources.

For the third time, Remote Area Medical will be conducting free medical, dental and vision exams to the public this coming weekend. The 2014 RAM Oklahoma clinic event is scheduled on Saturday, August 16 to Sunday, August 17.

The free medical check-up is open to all without any admission fee. There is also no income or eligibility requirements for any individual to avail themselves of these free services. However, the event will work on a first-come, first-served basis since there are limited services available.

A number of volunteer health professionals will be conducting the various examinations. The event will start at 6 am, though numbers will already be given out starting at 4 am each morning. The event will go until late in the afternoon.

Treatments available are limited, but everyone will be accommodated to at least a minimum level of medical service. Each individual will be choosing between dental and vision care. For dental care, exams include extractions and cleanings as well as limited fillings. For visions care, there will be an eye exam plus glasses will be made on site based on the prescriptions and if demanded immediately.

Those who wish to avail themselves of these services can go to the Oklahoma State Fair Park. The event will be in the Oklahoma Expo Hall for patients entering the fairgrounds.

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Choose Solid Wood for a Quality Kitchen Cabinet

Choose Solid Wood for a Quality Kitchen Cabinet

Choosing the right materials for your kitchen cabinets is an integral part of manufacturing a kitchen with a specific budget and design concepts in mind.

One of the ideal choices for kitchen cabinets is solid wood. They are exceptionally durable and long lasting, thus making the money you spend now last for many years.

Wood kitchen cabinets are available in a wide range of choices, allowing homeowners to choose between different colors and grains that best match the style and decor of their home.

Wood grain is defined in three ways; closed, medium and open. Closed grain is smooth to touch while the open grain has raised, prominent texture. Closed grain woods are best for paintings, while open grain woods are best stained that brings out their natural texture and beauty.

Different woods can also be finished in different ways to produce a unique patina that can glow in the warm light of a room. Wood finishing provides an important factor in determining the quality of a kitchen cabinet. Factory finishes found in stock cabinets are more consistent, smoother and last longer, unlike cabinets finished in custom shops. Large kitchen cabinet manufactures uses an automated finishing process that results in a more consistent finish which small cabinet makers find very expensive to sustain.

Solid wood can be designed in a style of your choice using your preferred materials, as they are incredibly flexible. These styles range from perfectly smooth and flat to the ornately carved designs popular in many country and traditional kitchens. You can also complete your design by using the wide selection of on lays, ornaments and corbels, which will add a touch of elegance to your cabinet.

One of the advantages of wood kitchen cabinets is that they will never go out of style, and neither will their beauty or warmth. Thus, they will enhance the appearance and the value of a home when it is time to sell. Wood kitchen cabinets simply leave you with a unique feeling and ambiance far different from generically manufactured cabinets.

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17th Annual Sweep Held to Keep Arcadia Lake Clean

17th Annual Sweep Held to Keep Arcadia Lake Clean

It’s a perfect day for a lake sweep this weekend! Arcadia Lake will be the primary focus of the 17th annual Sweep that will happen this coming Saturday, August 9th.

The main goal of the event is to keep Oklahoma beautiful and clean. The annual Sweep is one of the waysto reduce trash accumulation in public places and natural amenities while encouraging the public to volunteer.

Different organizers, individuals and families have already joined previous events. It is the perfect way to help maintain cleanliness in the city while helping keep the environment safe and inspiring others to do the same.

Those who want to volunteer during the lake sweep can come to the Spring Creek Park before 8am. Volunteers who wish to get started early can check in at 7am. Cleanup assignments and trash bags will be distributed during registration. Cleanup will involve cleaning the shorelines and parks of debris.

Long pants and sturdy shoes are preferable during the cleanup. Volunteers will also need to bring their own gloves as well as sunscreen and insect repellent for added protection. The lake sweep will end at 10a.m.

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