Edmond’s New Master Plan Indicates Parking Priority

Edmond’s New Master Plan Indicates Parking Priority

One of the most pressing issues in modern cities is parking. What makes matters worse is when we are already pressed for time and there we are, roaming around the parking lot in search of parking spaces.

Parking is indeed a major problem that many downtown areas are facing. There are a lot of establishments that serve an astronomical number of clientele each day, but they only have several parking spaces to accommodate all their clients.

Such issues have now been placed as top priority based on the recent master plan proposed by the city council of Edmond, Oklahoma. The new plan is now in the city council, indicating the need to implement better parking in the city.

According to the master plan, parking is important in making sure that the blocks and streets in the downtown area function smoothly. Expanded parking also allows for greater capacities of consumers, which is great for the city economy.

The master plan indicates several suggestions in regulating parking. These include alternative modes of transportation to reduce the number of cars requiring parking spaces, creating a maximum in parking for establishments and the need for shared parking.

In addition, parking can also be charged both in on- and off-street. When there is a charge for every use of a city parking space, there will be fewer people who may want to park there.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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