Remote Area Medical Offers Free Medical Clinic in OKC

Remote Area Medical Offers Free Medical Clinic in OKC

Metropolitan residents are in need of medical check-ups in order to verify their physical condition is sound. Though some may choose to go through medical examinations, others do not have this luxury given their limited resources.

For the third time, Remote Area Medical will be conducting free medical, dental and vision exams to the public this coming weekend. The 2014 RAM Oklahoma clinic event is scheduled on Saturday, August 16 to Sunday, August 17.

The free medical check-up is open to all without any admission fee. There is also no income or eligibility requirements for any individual to avail themselves of these free services. However, the event will work on a first-come, first-served basis since there are limited services available.

A number of volunteer health professionals will be conducting the various examinations. The event will start at 6 am, though numbers will already be given out starting at 4 am each morning. The event will go until late in the afternoon.

Treatments available are limited, but everyone will be accommodated to at least a minimum level of medical service. Each individual will be choosing between dental and vision care. For dental care, exams include extractions and cleanings as well as limited fillings. For visions care, there will be an eye exam plus glasses will be made on site based on the prescriptions and if demanded immediately.

Those who wish to avail themselves of these services can go to the Oklahoma State Fair Park. The event will be in the Oklahoma Expo Hall for patients entering the fairgrounds.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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