Oklahoma City Schools Consider In-House Social Workers in Campus

Oklahoma City Schools Consider In-House Social Workers in Campus

Kids, especially those who are in school, need all the assistance they can get to focus on their education and healthy lifestyle. Students must be supplemented with healthy foods and valuable resources so they will be able to enhance their personal development and do well in school.

Unfortunately, not all families can fully support their children with everything they need. In fact, even schools are taking a lot of pressure to maksure that all students are sufficiently provided for and have all the resources necessary to success.

That is one reason why Oklahoma City Schools are considering an in-house social worker that would help and offer students aid as needed. OKC Schools are planning to partner with HS as well as the students and their parents in this new program.

According to Cherron Ukpaka, Principal of Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, their school has already benefitted from having a social worker in the campus. The help they receive had reducedpressure on parents and the school and help minimize risk on the students. MLK Elem. has had a social worker in the campus for the past five years.

The program will help enable families and their students obtain the necessary resources that they need. Resources available at the DHS Office are also available at the school. Social workers can help deal with several issues faced by students, including emotional and behavioral intervention, truancy and child welfare. They can also do home visits, if necessary.

Oklahoma City is encouraging all principals to consider the program and to evaluate the benefit of having a social worker in their school. Most OKC Schools are receiving federal funding to pay a social worker.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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