Railroad Crossing Safety Initiative Planned for Oklahoma

Railroad Crossing Safety Initiative Planned for Oklahoma

Railroad crossing scan pose a potential risk to drivers, but they are often-times unavoidable. Many roads intersect across railroads, hence vehicles will have to pass over the tracks. Unfortunately, there are cases of tragic accidents and deaths caused by locomotive crashes. Some vehicles fail to stop before the track or may lose their brakes on the center of the railroad, causing a collision with the train.

Another reason for railroad crossing accidents is the lack of guard arms along the road, which serve as warnings to drivers passing through. In order to address these issues, Gov. Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation is implementing a safety initiative that will enhance safety along railroad crossings.

The $100 million safety initiative will enable the provision of guard arms and signals to railroad crossings in need. It will be the first of its kind in the state of Oklahoma and will be able to warn vehicle drivers of incoming trains.

Part of the funds will be taken from the sale of the Sooner Sub rail line. A $75 million fund will be granted for this purpose.

According to ODOT, the safety initiative will also require participation from drivers themselves. They must also do their part to stay safe during these situations. The overall safety initiative is said to be completed in two to three years.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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