Is a Copper Gutter the Best Solution for You?

Is a Copper Gutter the Best Solution for You

Your house may undergo torrents of water due to rain, snow or ice, causing considerable damage to the roof, walls, sidings and foundation. In order to protect your house against possible water damages, it is extremely necessary to install gutters and downspouts on your roof.

There are different materials being used for the manufacturing of gutters. Copper is one of the most significant one among the various materials.

Below are some of the advantageous features of copper gutters and downspouts.

  1. The most important aspect that makes copper a popular choice is that it can enormously add to the beauty of your home. Copper guttering has an elegant and sophisticated look that will set your home apart from other houses. Furthermore, copper forms a coating know as patina with the passage of time and exposure to the outer element. The patina is usually green in color. It protects the gutters from possible corrosion, no matter what kind of weather condition they are being exposed to. However, you have to apply sealants on the gutters if you prefer its original color to prevent the patina from forming on them.
  2. Copper is an excellent material for gutters and the malleability of this metal makes it extremely suitable for drains. It will never rust, which means that the risk of thinning and breaking of the drain is close to zero. You can be sure that a copper system will last for a long time.
  3. Gutters made from copper require no maintenance on the raw metal and very little on the installed product, if a quality installation has been completed. You don’t have to paint, sand or apply other surface treatments, unlike other materials that can be used for gutters.

However, drain systems made from copper are considered to be the most expensive. The price per foot including installation can go from $15 to $30 per foot; though it is possible to find more affordable options. Copper gutters can be a very worthwhile long term investment due to their long life and low maintenance requirements.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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