Choosing the Right Window Glass for Your Home

Choosing the Right Window Glass for Your Home

Glass plays an important and unique role in your home design. Choosing the best replacement window glass for your house may even reduce your energy costs. For these reasons, it is important to understand each type of residential glass option and the roll they will play in your home’s beautification and efficiency.

Here are some of the more common types of window glass and the qualities each possess.

  1. Patterned Glass. This type of glass is generally covered with patterns or designs which may be translucent or plain. It would best fit rooms where both natural light and privacy are required. The patterns limit anyone from looking through the glass, but they allow light to escape into the room.
  2. Low Emissivity Glass or Low-E Glass. This is an energy efficient glass which is coated on one side with a thin metal coating to reflect transmitted heat and reduce heat conduction. Low-E glass does not lower the amount of light that passes into the room, although it can reduce the heat transfer by up to 70%.
  3. Tinted Glass. This helps ensure privacy while at the same time reducing heat, as they are coated to prevent harmful UV rays from passing into the house. There are a variety of shades and styles to choose from, such as reflective tinted glass that improves privacy by appearing transparent from the inside and reflective from the outside.
  4. Double paned or Insulated Glass. These retain heat generated by interior heaters during colder climates. These are perfect weapons in your battle to reduce energy bills.
  5. ImpactResistant Glass. This is your best option if you want to minimize your residential glass repair costs or if you live in area with frequent inclement weather. This type of glass doesn’t break easily. The internal layers hold the broken fragments together even if it does crack.

Choosing the right option for your windows is an important decision, as there are now many types of glass available. Each type is unique and has different properties that may lend themselves of better use under a variety of circumstances. Understanding what each type does and what your house needs will make it simpler for you to choose.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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