U.S. Commerce Department Offers Federal Grants to Four Cities in Oklahoma

U.S. Commerce Department Offers Federal Grants to Four Cities in Oklahoma

Improvement in the countrys infrastructure creates a number of benefits that give back to the people. When there is improved infrastructure, there will be better investment attractions, which can help generate more jobs.

The U.S. Commerce Department has announced a $4.6-million federal grant to four cities in Oklahoma; Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Clinton and Shawnee. These key cities will use the funds tconstruct and improve infrastructure for citys development.

The goal of the federal grant is to promote economic growth and job creation through improved infrastructure. The Department hopes to encourage more investments in these cities and help create more jobs for the people.

The grant for Oklahoma City will be allocated to the Oklahoma City Redevelopment Authority. A $1-million grant will be used for beautification and improved access to the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center and Bioscience Campus. There are also planned upgrades for the utilities along Stiles Street. Such improvements will be a great advantage to the Oklahoma School Science and Technology, Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce and General Electric Global Research Oil and Gas Technology Center.

In Tulsa, a $950,000 grant will be used to improve roadways in unincorporated areas. This will support businesses along the area and reduce traffic congestion.

Clinton has been awarded a $750,000 grant that will develop a 100-acre industrial park on the southwest sector of the city. Clinton Industrial Authority aims to attract more investments in the future, thus creating more jobs.

A $1.2-million grant have been given to Shawnee for the development of its rail infrastructure. There will be road construction, water installation and telecommunications lines that will help develop the Iron Horse Industrial Park.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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