OKC Gives Away Free Storm Shelters to Residents

OKC Gives Away Free Storm Shelters to Residents

A sudden change in the atmosphere can create the perfect environment for a natural disaster, most especially in the case of tornadoes. There have been many instances these devastating occurrences in our state alone that have placed the lives of thousands in peril. Oftentimes, the worst case scenarios come when people are unprepared for natural disasters.

Storm shelters are safe havens during storms. These rooms can protect anyone who takes cover inside them, even when the storm is at its worst.

The City of Oklahoma City acknowledges the importance of residents having access to storm shelters. Hence, they will be giving away free storm shelters to qualified residents. In total, there will be around 235 storm shelters given away. The storm shelters will be in-ground or above ground shelters.

Applicants who desire to own a storm shelter must first qualify for the program. Qualified residents include those who were affected by the May 2013 storms. They must own and live in their home and not on a rental property. In addition, their income must comply with the established bracket: up to $34,400 for a single individual, up to $39,300 for a family of two, up to $44,200 for a family of three, up to $49,100 for a family of four, up to $53,050 for a family of five and up to $57,000 for a family of six.

The storm shelters will be given on a first come, first serve basis of enrollment in the program.

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Foam Roof Repair

Foam Roof Repair

Many situations which lead to roof repair are usually the result of objects being driven by the wind into roof’s surface, impacting the roofing foam. Pits and cracks are the most common damages found in foam roofs. If you’re wondering what foam roofs are, these are seamless roofing systems made primarily of polyol combined with isocyanate.

Foam roof repair is not overly difficult or complicated. A polyurethane chemical is simply sprayed on the roof in a pre-mixed solution. This process promotes increased roof integrity and prevents water penetration into the foam material. This is where the importance of regular checking and maintenance is of the utmost importance. Early damage detection saves money, time and effort as opposed to having to conduct extensive and complicated repairs once a serious problem does arise.

Avoid troublesome roofing problems by undertaking useful home improvement renovations. Another wise tip to follow in any roof or home related project is to leave the repairs to the experts, especially when a warranty is still available.

Before a roof repair is completed, it is important to clear out any debris from the roof’s surface. The walls or areas not to be sprayed on should be taped off. The area to be sprayed on should be scrubbed with a cleaning solution made of 1 part chlorine bleach to 1 part water. This is very effective in the elimination of molds, and can then be rinsed with water. Lastly, sandpaper should be used to soften the areas that need flashing before the roof repair product is sprayed.

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New OKC MAPS 3Project – Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking

New OKC MAPS 3Project - Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking

Oklahoma City is ready to welcome a new state-of-the-art facility,bringing recreational and sporting activities to Oklahoma residents. This week, Oklahoma City leaders have begun plans for the construction of a new whitewater rafting and kayaking center.

The “Riversport Rapids, OKC Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking Center” is an 11-acre center that will offer various whitewater rapid courses and entertainment facilities for all ages. The $45.6 million project is located near the Sandridge Sky Trail and Slide in the Boathouse District, just along the Oklahoma River and is part of the MAPS 3 city improvement project.

The whitewater rafting and kayaking center will feature different rapid courses, a restaurant, several viewing areas for the public and a pro shop. There will be two channels, perfectly crafted for rafting and kayaking. In addition, a third channelwillbe located in front of the restaurant, ideal for freestyle boating.

Families can also have a wonderful time at the center, simply by enjoying the lovely scenery and watching athletes in action. There are viewing decks open to all and plans to hold live musical performances for additional entertainment for those not participating in a water-sport.

Those who wish to learn kayaking and whitewater rafting can also benefit from lessons and camps that will be offered at the center. Children can also participate in these programs. The facilities will also be used as a training ground for athletes and professional water-sport teams.

Once completed, the center is expected to start operation in the spring of 2016.

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Beautify Your Home Interior With Indoor Water Features

Beautify Your Home Interior With  Indoor Water Features

Indoor water features are an extremely appealing touch, providing an elegant element to your home‘s interior.

They come in several shapes and sizes and have a wide variety of designs. The first thing you will want to do before shopping for an indoor fountain is to decide where you want to place it. These fountains look fantastic in entry ways, living rooms, lobbies, waiting rooms and bedrooms.

Below are some of the different types of indoor water features which are preferred in the modern marketplace.

1. Wall Water Fountain. This is one of the most popular types of water fountains available in the market today. Most homeowners opt for wall water fountains as they do not require any extra space. You can easily install this wallmounted equipment if your interiors are well enhanced with free wall space. These fountains are also available in various materials, such as slate, marble, glass, copper or stone.
2. Floor Fountain. This type of fountain is larger in size, ranging up to 10 feet in height. They contain an electrically operated, quiet submersible pump and have beautiful lighting effectsThey are best placed in halls, entryways and chambers.
3. Table Top fountain. This indoor water feature is generally designed for a smaller space such as counter top. This can be one of the easiest ways to add indoor water feature to your home as it doesn’t require assembly. The table top fountain just needs water and an electrical outlet/batteries to function. It can be a great home decor product that can provide a great finishing touch to your interior. It also comes in several varieties of materials, design and shape.

Having a fountain indoors will not just enhance the beauty of your home, but it will also make your home seem more peaceful and relaxing. Studies have shown that the sound of flowing water can alleviate stress, relax the body and reduce tension.

An attractive and decorative fountain that compliments the design of your home can transform it into a tranquil retreat.

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Oklahoma Receives Grant to Reduce Asbestos in Schools

Oklahoma Receives Grant to Reduce Asbestos in Schools

Asbestos is a mineral commonly used in many commercial and industrial product given its durability and resistance to fire. Though asbestos may be a strong material and mostly preferred over comparable product, it can be hazardous to the health of those exposed to it. Asbestos can cause several health risks, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis and other pleural diseases.

Due to its health hazards, the use of asbestos is now being regulated in order to minimize its effects on occupants. Recently, the US Environmental Protection Agency is offering a financial grant that will help regulate asbestos use, especially in schools. A $204,000grant was awarded to Oklahoma by the agency to reduce the use of asbestos in local schools.

Last Tuesday, the Oklahoma Department of Labor received the grant offered by the federal agency. The Oklahoma Department of Labor will use the grant through proper compliance of the program, which includes monitoring and assistance. The department will also use the grant to train employees about the program, conduct inspections and create public outreach and enforcement actions.

According to the US Environment Protection Agency, regulations are implemented to require both private and public schools on proper inspection of their properties and facilities and implement ways to reduce asbestos in the school environment.

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The Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Brick Wall

The Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Brick Wall

Cleaning your brick walls is not always a simple task, as there are many varieties which may start to crumble if you use the wrong materials or methods. Harsh scrubbing of older walls might also create weak points in the joints, which may also cause decay over time.

With the right tools and attention to detail, any stained or dirty brick walls can be returned to their former glory. Visit your local home improvement or garden center to find the correct brick cleaning products for your wall. Opt for the ones which best match your wall type. Some products contain a high acid count, such as industry standard brick acid, which needs to be diluted with water. Using a strong solution can often change the look of a wall, so try and experiment first on a small area.

Another one of the more effective brick cleaning methods involves ammonia. All you have to do is mix a little bit of ammonia with water and apply to the brick surface. Make sure you are extra careful when handling it, as it is a chemical solution.

Be certain to consider the method you use in cleaning your brick wall. The method should depend on the constitution of the wall. If you apply the cleaner in the wrong way for the wrong brick type, you might drive the dirt deeper into the blocks and make the entire job harder to complete.

The best place to begin, no matter what your brick wall blocks are made of is with an ordinary garden hose with a sprayer attachment. You will need the kind that has a reservoir so you will be able to add a cleaner to the spray. Gently spray down the whole wall or the blocks you wish to clean. Soak the entire area so that when you go to clean out the dirt, there is no wicking action drawing moisture and dirt into the blocks.

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UCO Old North Close to Renovation Goals

old buildings

The University of Central Oklahoma’s Old North is the first higher education building constructed in Oklahoma. The institution was built in the summer of 1892 and was the first building of the Territorial Normal School, UCO’s previous school name. It was then occupied in January 1893, offering two years of college work and complete preparatory education.

However, due to its old age and structure, the Old North was closed in 2000. UCO’s officials are aiming to restore the building and bring back the functionality and beauty of the historical school icon.

Recently, the University of Central Oklahoma Foundation has nearly raised its fund goals in its restoration projects. A $500,000-grant was given by the E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation, which creates a significant effect on the restoration project. The University has raised more than $39 million for the project, a very close to its project’s goal of $40 million.

UCO has started its $0 million Always Central campaign in order to raise funds for the proper restoration of the Old North. The project will be done in two phases. Phase one involves the needed exterior repairs as well as the addition of an outdoor amphitheater and 16,000-square-foot annex while phase two covers the interior renovation.

Renovations for the interior remodel will take place once the $6 million in funds is obtained. The expected completion of the second phase will take two years.

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