Oklahoma City Calls on Artists for Pre-Qualifications on Future Public Arts Projects

Oklahoma City Calls on Artists for Pre-Qualifications on Future Public Arts Projects

Public arts are part of the citys way of beautifying the community. With a number of public art displays built in selected areas around the city, there will be more tourist attractions available for everyone.

A new pool of pre-qualified artists and artists teams are needed for future public arts projects in Oklahoma City. In line with this need, the Citys Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs is calling artists and artists teams who may be interested to participate inpre-qualification applications. Pre-qualified artists and teams will be part of the new talent pool that will have a greater chance of being considered in upcoming projects of the city.

With the new pool of candidates, the City will be able to find the best artists in the event a project comes up. The projects will be for up to one year with a budget of $25,000. These will include the fabrication, installation, and design of artistic structures and murals. Artist fees, insurance provisions and other related costs. Artists will also be utilized for projects in schools, private developments and neighborhoods who wish to include public arts to their projects.

Once application is submitted, professional art jurors will be screening the applicants work while the Oklahoma City Arts Commission will have the final decision. Artists must be at least 18 years old. Those who have worked in two and three-dimensional projects and functional work are encouraged to apply.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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