Foam Roof Repair

Foam Roof Repair

Many situations which lead to roof repair are usually the result of objects being driven by the wind into roof’s surface, impacting the roofing foam. Pits and cracks are the most common damages found in foam roofs. If you’re wondering what foam roofs are, these are seamless roofing systems made primarily of polyol combined with isocyanate.

Foam roof repair is not overly difficult or complicated. A polyurethane chemical is simply sprayed on the roof in a pre-mixed solution. This process promotes increased roof integrity and prevents water penetration into the foam material. This is where the importance of regular checking and maintenance is of the utmost importance. Early damage detection saves money, time and effort as opposed to having to conduct extensive and complicated repairs once a serious problem does arise.

Avoid troublesome roofing problems by undertaking useful home improvement renovations. Another wise tip to follow in any roof or home related project is to leave the repairs to the experts, especially when a warranty is still available.

Before a roof repair is completed, it is important to clear out any debris from the roof’s surface. The walls or areas not to be sprayed on should be taped off. The area to be sprayed on should be scrubbed with a cleaning solution made of 1 part chlorine bleach to 1 part water. This is very effective in the elimination of molds, and can then be rinsed with water. Lastly, sandpaper should be used to soften the areas that need flashing before the roof repair product is sprayed.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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