Merbau: The Material of Choice for Deck Construction

Merbau The Material of Choice for Deck Construction

Outdoor decks are an incredible asset for real estate industry experts as they can help increase a property’s value. It creates a useable outdoor living space and gives your backyard an exquisite look. Various types of wood are being used for decking and each has its own advantages, though many homeowners opt for the natural hues and warmth of Merbau wood.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should select materials like Merbau Decking for your deck construction project.

  1. Merbau is a heavy wood that has been tested for its durability and long term use. If constructed properly, decks made of this lumber can last up to 50 years, as it is resistant to natural elements and corrosion. This material is not affected by heavy rain downpours, snowfall and ultra-violet rays.
  2. Merbau decking features a rich brown-colored wood. You can choose from a wide selection of floor designs due to the variety of shades available. It has a naturally oily surface that makes it appear glossy in any type of environment and maintains a deep and beautiful luster for many years.
  3. This type of wood does not break down easily, so you can be assured that accidents such as the collapse of the deck can be prevented. Besides, there is less chance of people slipping while walking on the floor as you can look forward to non-slimy flooring.
  4. Merbauc decks can be easily maintained. In fact,they can be cleaned by using a soft cloth material. You can also stain a Merbauc deck in any desired color or finish by using low-cost and consistent materials.
  5. It is naturally resistant to termites and other insects, unlike other types of timber. However, it may be prone to fungi when used in damp areas, but does not decay when placed in area with an airy environment.

If you are searching for a material to install high-end decks that will match your luxurious life, then nothing will compare to the durability and stability of Merbau decking. Make sure to acquire the wood from a reputable supplier to enjoy its long lasting benefits.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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