OG&E Awards Oklahoma City Public School with $500,000 Rebate Check

OG&E Awards Oklahoma City Public School with $500,000 Rebate Check

Energy efficiency is important as it promotes cutting cost while at the same time helping the environment. When we save energy, there are fewer resources used and a significant reduction in energy costs

As part of promoting energy efficiency, the Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. is rewarding districts with rebate checks for efforts in saving energy through its Commercial Energy Efficiency Program. OG&E recently announced that it will reward the Oklahoma City Public School System with a $500,00 rebate check for its efforts in energy efficiency.

Oklahoma City Public Schools have implemented the upgrade of air conditioning equipment as well as its heating and ventilation equipment. The district has retrofitted some of its old equipment, including its rooftop heating and cooling systems and commercial chillers. 

With these energy efficient efforts, the district is expected to save 2,000 kilowatts of energy each year. OG&E Commercial Energy Efficiency Program will reward the district with $250 per kilowatt of energy saved. The rebate received is expected to cover the cost of about one-third of the total improvements implemented.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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