How To Spot Water Damage Before It Damages Your Home

How To Spot Water Damage Before It Damages Your Home

There are some homeowners who procrastinate when it comes to resolving their water damage issues. It’s never a good idea to let this type of problem go unresolved over a long period of time. Water damage can make a room look aesthetically unappealing, especially if the issue occurs in noticeable places such as the walls, ceilings or even the floors. One spot or stain could throw everything off.

Another reason water damage should be resolved immediately is because of the mold that could eventually form. It is important to have it removed early on or at the onset as mold tends to spread dramatically over time.

Problems like these can be avoided with a little bit of routine maintenance. You can regularly check problem areas at least once every six months. The areas of your house that may be at greater risk are usually ones where water supply pipes pass through. These includes kitchens, bathrooms, wash machines, water heaters and anywhere else in the house where water is going to or from. Look for any discoloration around the water supply pipes, drains, traps, hoses, cabinets, floors, walls and even ceiling.

If you find any types of discoloration or spotting, inspect the area above for any signs of damage that may cause water leaks. Check your attic regularly for any signs of water infiltration. Pay special attention to the roof and the flashing where the roof meets the wall. Look for any damaged and cracked or curled shingles on your roof’s exterior.

Make sure your home’s gutter can handle a heavy rain. If it starts to overflow, then it starts to be regularly cleaned to keep them free of leaves. You can install a screen in your gutter to keep the leaves out.

Standing water anywhere near your house is also a matter of concern and should immediately be looked into. Look for small puddles of water in and around your house. A puddle could be due to poor drainage in your yard that makes water flow toward your house.

You can save yourself much time and money by paying close attention to details and avoid falling victim to water damage in your home.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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