Oklahoma Law Enforcers Continue To Buy Gifts For Grandkids

Oklahoma Law Enforcers Continue to Buy Gifts for Grandkids

Many children in unfortunate family circumstances are being raised by their grandparents and not by their parents. Some of these children have lost their own parents young while others have been abandoned. In either situation, many of them are still fortunate enough to have family that will look after them, such their grandparents.

Unfortunately, some grandparents struggle with their everyday finances and this can create a significant impact on their grandchildren. Even something as small as a gift for Christmas may not be feasible due to their low financial status.

That is why law enforcers in Oklahoma are shopping for Christmas gifts to give to these grand kids. This will be one way for the kids to receive at least one gift during the holidays.

The program started 13 years ago, buying gifts for less than 50 kids in its first year. Now, as more support rises in the community for this cause, the program has given gifts to as many as 600 kids.

Police officers from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, Oklahoma City Police and Midwest City Police as well as other volunteers and partners are joining together to gather more funds to buy gifts for as many children as they can. Gifts will be given to kids who are raised by their grandparents.

Some of the items being requested by the kids are toys, underwear, socks, blankets and even shampoos and soaps. This year, the program has raised nearly $20,000, which could mean that each child can receive gifts worth up to $30. Once gifts are bought and wrapped, they will be given away to the kids during the big holiday party and gift giveaway on Saturday, December 6th.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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